Driving new business outcomes with the Internet of Things

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

My interaction with the Internet of Things started when I was just a boy, building a solar collector in the backyard with my father. We needed to build a black box filled with thermostats and fans that would heat the spare room of my parents' home on sunny days. For me, it was my first chance to connect a physical device and information with the environment. Of course, at the time I didn't realize that this backyard project would serve as a foundation for my career—working with clients from around the world to instrument devices that use information to drive new and exciting business outcomes.

At IBM, we are focused on bringing organization, value and confidence to this world of devices and enriching makers and operators of devices everywhere, in all environments. The Internet of Things enables us to present to clients a platform which allows you to not only derive value from devices but also from the environment in which it operates.

The recent announcement of IBM's partnership with the Weather Company demonstrates the importance of integrating weather data into our devices and our lives. Consider how the weather impacts you. Think about the value of knowing if your tires will slip on the road, if your building circuits will get wet or if your community is going to have more or less power. I know I would have welcomed these insights when I was a boy to inform my work on my parents' spare room heating project! Data and analytics equal effective work and time saved.

The world will continue to change and new devices will continue to emerge, enhancing our experience of and interaction in the world around us. Join the upcoming April 9 livestream on the Internet of Things to learn more about how businesses are helping clients change and take charge in this new era of internet.   

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