Elite 8 Emerges in "Big Data Smart Sixteen"

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

The field for the Elite 8 from the "Big Data Smart Sixteen" is set! In the Marketing region, Faster Reporting & Analytics’ star player faltered against the unselfish play and sharing of deeper customer insight of Predicting Customer Behavior (PCB). Paired with the energy and cheers from their fans, PCB was unbeatable. Sentiment/Social Media Analysis struggled immediately and went down against upstart Improve Campaign Effectiveness (ICE). Sentiment/Social simply could not keep up with the coolness of ICE under pressure and its ability to determine in real-time the right message to engage customers.


The Infrastructure region was dominated by Analyzing Machine Data and Simplified Data Management. Despite its deep bench and disaster recovery techniques, High Availability tumbled at the hands of Analyze Machine Data and their ability to analyze a variety of machine and operational data. Simplified Data Management easily slid into the Elite 8 with a win over Archiving & Monitoring.

Over in the Finance region, Governance & Risk management’s uncanny insight on risk and compliance triumphed over the business-grade NoSQL power forward of Future-Proof Versatility. In the other regional matchup, Threat & Fraud Detection succumbed to the fan-favorite Reduced Resource Costs and their skills on right-sizing spending and increasing operational efficiency.

The IT region boasted some last-second shots as teams fought right down to the buzzer to get to the Elite 8. Real-time Streaming Data nudged past Hadoop Analytics, while Enterprise-wide Integration and Fast Development and Deployment went into triple overtime before Enterprise-wide Integration sealed their ticket to the Elite 8.

Here is your "Big Data Smart Sixteen” Elite 8:

Predicting Customer Behavior vs. Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Analyzing Machine Data vs. Simplified Data Management

Governance & Risk Management’s vs. Reduced Resource Costs

Real-time Streaming Data vs. Enterprise-wide Integration

Are you smelling victory, or is your bracket busted? 

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