Enabling the Impossible?

Next-generation in-memory computing in DB2 with BLU Acceleration can make real-time analytics possible

Director of Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM

No matter which analyst you read, analytics are all about the now organization. Real time has become now time. Gone are the days in which line-of-business users would be willing to wait for analytics results. They need insight fast and the ability to ask and answer analytics questions as quickly as they can think them up. And they want all this capability while using more sources of data than ever to provide additional depth in the insights they are deriving from the data. The reasons for these needs can be summed up in one word—competition.

Whoever gets to the next level of insight first, wins the competition. This deep level of insight could lead to business growth opportunities, cost reductions, new insight into consumer sentiment, product sales trends that represent opportunities and threats, challenges to a brand, and so on. IT organizations have to be incredibly agile and responsive to these needs while delivering fast analytics performance. And yes, they must still do more with less. This situation may sound impossible, but in-memory computing advances are enabling the impossible.  
IBM BLU Acceleration hub

BLU Acceleration capabilities

Next-generation in-memory computing available in IBM® DB2® with BLU Acceleration software enables lightning-fast business answers from data delivered on an easy-to-use, agile platform. When business analysts or data scientists demand analytics on new data sources plus fast overall results, today’s organizations should understand what BLU Acceleration can do for them.

Enable reporting performance with next-generation in-memory computing. As the cost of RAM has come down considerably, in-memory computing continues to garner attention. It helps eliminate the latency of moving data to and from spinning disks and provides dramatically swift processing of data-intensive analytics workloads. BLU Acceleration represents the next generation of in-memory computing because massive data sets do not have to fit into memory to be processed at incredible speeds. Instead, it works with existing hardware resources for near-instantaneous reporting, without complex upgrade projects. As data sets continue to grow, it provides essential flexibility. When business analysts ask for faster reporting than they currently experience, BLU Acceleration can provide it, even as the data evolves.

Accelerate delivery while optimizing existing resources. Rapid results are just as important as the performance of the system. DB2 with BLU Acceleration was designed to allow organizations to respond quickly to new business insight requirements with technology that is easy to deploy and highly optimized for analytics.

Work with compressed data without having to decompress it first. BLU Acceleration includes innovative encoding technology that preserves the order of the data and enables compressed data in BLU Acceleration tables to be analyzed without decompression. Frequent values are encoded with fewer bits to further optimize compression. Together, these capabilities help organizations handle large workloads cost-effectively with existing data warehouse resources and quickly provide the insights that the business needs.

In addition, DB2 with BLU Acceleration can be used to segment and offload some projects or data sets into column-organized tables in which BLU Acceleration can provide the analytics processing. This columnar organization helps businesses quickly get up and running with analytical data marts. Because BLU Acceleration is easy to use, organizations merely create tables, load the data, and go—helping to conserve human resources who may also be working at capacity.

Provide reporting for the now crowd through BLU Acceleration for Cloud. When a business analyst arrives with a new reporting project for which results are needed immediately, BLU Acceleration for Cloud is designed to offer a simple, agile option. It helps provide a secure data warehouse environment that is fast and agile and offers a high degree of self-service functionality for end users.

BLU Acceleration for Cloud includes reporting with R or IBM Cognos® business intelligence (BI) and performance management software so analysts can load the data and get started immediately with graphical reporting or drill-down analysis. And it enables organizations to establish their own data warehouse environment with BLU Acceleration on Amazon Web Services (AWS), with IBM SoftLayer® technology, or using the IBM BlueMix cloud platform to enable their own self-service reporting environment.

BLU Acceleration resources

The in-memory computing capability of BLU Acceleration is designed to add speed, simplicity, and flexibility to data warehouses. It provides the right tools for addressing the growing emphasis on analytics and data insights. Organizations looking to implement these tools can learn more about BLU Acceleration by visiting the IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration microsite. In addition to technical resources and a platform for engaging with the community, it offers information on BLU Acceleration next-generation features and explains how the solution can be evaluated on the cloud or through trial software.

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