Enzee Universe 2011: From Boston to Mainstream

Former CEO

Today I’m blogging from Enzee Universe, Netezza’s seventh annual user conference, and want to share the latest news from the show.

At last year’s event I introduced the new reality of the Intelligent Economy. This year many of our customers have returned to Boston to share their stories – how they thrive in this new economy through innovation, how they’re creating new value by analyzing their data. These companies, and our partners who provide them guidance, are truly pioneers in this global endeavor. Although we’re a relatively small company, as you can tell by our vision, we certainly think big. We want to grow this idea of a new type of analytics and continue to drive our appliance technology as the enabling infrastructure so enterprises around the world can participate in the benefits of the Intelligent Economy.

Our vision, changing the way the world thinks and works is shared by IBM, whose Smarter Planet vision is well known throughout the industry. This alignment of big ideas was central to our decision to merge Netezza with IBM back in November of last year. As The Economist magazine says in its editorial of June 9, IBM’s secret is that it is built around an idea that transcends any particular product or technology. I cannot envision a better way for Netezza to execute on our big vision than with the resources of the world’s largest and most experienced enterprise infrastructure company. After all, IBM has been using technology and data to change the way the world thinks and works for 100 years (IBM Centennial).

While these ideas of “Smarter Planets” and “Intelligent Economies” may seem lofty and far-reaching, I was thrilled to have several Netezza customers and partners on stage to talk about the incredible progress they are making putting these concepts to work. Initiatives like the Smart Grid project, sponsored by the US Department of Energy, are a great example of the planet getting smarter. Trillions of devices reporting back to the electric grid how and when they use energy allows smart analysis to decide when to produce power and where to distribute it. The implications of this are staggering, given the potential impact on our energy needs, energy costs, and reliance on limited fossil fuels. This was just one of many exciting examples we heard of how our customers are putting data and analytics to work to make their businesses more efficient, more productive, and more competitive.

An enormous advantage of working with hundreds of innovative customers is their feedback, especially their emerging technology requirements. This feedback informs our product plans. Today I unveiled the Netezza High Capacity Appliance, designed from the ground-up to support huge volumes of data as a queryable archive. This product, taking advantage of IBM technology and resources, stores more than half a petabyte in a single rack and scales to more than 10 petabytes while offering the lowest price per terabyte in the industry. IBM and Netezza are taking appliances mainstream to enable the ideas of the Smarter Planet. This is just one example of the many innovative things we are working on. Now, inside IBM, Netezza is accelerating its ability to innovate and produce new solutions to complex problems.

While realizing not all of you, our customers and business partners, can join us in Boston this week, I encourage you all to stay in contact with us via the Netezza Community. The theme of our conference this year is “All About You” and you've always been the inspiration for everything we do.