Evolving integration and governance for the era of big bata

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#bigdatamgmt chat – Wednesday, February 19 – 12 p.m. EST & 5 p.m. GMT

As the world becomes more interconnected and more data are gathered, the opportunity for gaffes in handling and using that data increases dramatically. Rarely does a month go by without hearing of some misuse of data. These issues hurt an organization’s reputation and contribute to a lack of trust in the analytics built on that data.

These are some of the issues we will discuss in this #bigdatamgmt chat titled, “Evolving Integration and Governance for the Era of Big Data.” Our special guests for the chat are Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), an internationally renowned executive information technology thought leader in the areas of IT transformation, innovation and cloud computing; and Jim Harris (@ocdqblog), founder of Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality and independent consultant, speaker and writer.

Also joining will be IBM subject matter experts David Corrigan (@dcorrigan), director of product marketing for IBM InfoSphere, and James Kobielus, IBM big data evangelist, speaker and writer.

You can follow along—and join the discussion using the hashtag #BigDataMgmt. Here are the questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the conversation on Wednesday, February 5, 12:00 p.m. EST. Join us!

#BigDataMgmt chat discussion questions:

  1. Do you think there is or will be a backlash on how freely organizations can use data?
  2. How much time do organizations waste in finding and trying to understand their data?
  3. How confident are organizations in their existing data? Does confidence level affect adoption of big data & analytics projects?
  4. Do business users accept data in current reports, such as “top 50 customers,” or do they question their veracity? 
  5. What are some common reasons why organizations lack confidence in their data?
  6. How can technology for information integration and governance help raise confidence in big data?
  7. How does current technology fall short?
  8. Is information integration and governance technology an evolution or a reinvention?

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Featured Guests

Tim_Crawford.jpgTim Crawford (@tcrawford) is an internationally renowned executive information technology thought leader in the areas of ITtransformation, innovation and cloud computing. He has extensive enterprise and startup experience with strategic planning, organizational development, governance, program and portfolio management that aligns with business strategy.

Jim_Harris.jpgJim Harris (@ocdqblog) is an independent consultant, speaker, freelance writer, and recognized thought leader in the data management industry. He is also founder of Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality, and host of the popular data quality podcast “OCDQ Radio.”


David_Corrigan.pngDavid Corrigan (@dcorrigan) is director of product marketing for IBM's InfoSphere portfolio, which is focused on managing Trusted Information. His primary role is driving the messaging and strategy for the portfolio of information integration, data quality, master data management, data lifecycle management, and data privacy and security capabilities.

James_Kobielus-sq.pngJames Kobielus (@jameskobielus) is IBM Senior Program Director of Product Marketing and IBM's big data evangelist. He is an industry veteran, a popular speaker and social media participant and a thought leader in big data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and next best action technologies.

What is #BigDataMgmt chat?

#BigDataMgmt chat is a weekly conversation every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. ET, on Twitter. Each week we discuss a different topic around big data management.

How do you join in?

If you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck or HootSuite, create a search column for the term ‘#BigDataMgmt’.  Then as participants tweet with the #BigDataMgmt hashtag, those tweets will appear in your column. Or you can follow with Twubs  – and it automatically adds the #BigDataMgmt hashtag

How do you participate?

Just jump right in! Review the discussion questions posted in advance so you can prepare your thoughts and answers. When the question is posed, begin your response with A1: for question 1 and A2: for question 2, etc. This makes it easier to follow the conversation throughout the chat. No answer is wrong! We look forward to seeing you at the #BigDataMgmt water cooler hosted by @IBMbigdata.