Explore the future of the public sector at IBM Insight 2015

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The public sector has come a long way in a short amount of time. Big data and analytics have made it possible for governments, educational institutions and healthcare organizations to bring about incredible change and innovation in the way they operate. However, you may need help with this change. We handpicked some of our best IBM Insight 2015 sessions showcasing the latest thinking around government, education and healthcare topics to help you get current. All of the sessions featured here are in our convenient sample agenda for you to incorporate. Take a look below—we look forward to exploring the future of the public sector at the conference.


According to the United States Census Bureau, “nearly two-thirds of Americans live in incorporated places, commonly referred to as cities.” This brings about new and evolving challenges as cities must deal with population growth and increasingly complex financial and operational requirements. These cities are becoming more connected than ever before—and with reported data breaches at companies, medical providers, financial institutions and government agencies hitting a record high of 783 in 2014, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, cyber threats are increasingly becoming a major problem. Two sessions that will showcase perspectives from IBM as well as other companies and organizations combating these issues are Results-Based Government: Achieving Economic Vitality in our Cities and Meet the Experts: Cyber Threat Analysis – Enhancing Cyber Security. See my sample agenda for more information.


When 30 percent of college and university students drop out after their first year, it’s no surprise that educational institutions are looking for help. Improving student attrition is a top priority for many institutions as well as enhancing the overall experience of attending their schools. Advanced analytics and the application of the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson can now help with both of these challenges. We recommend attending Transforming the Learning Experience Through Analytics and Watson in Education: Leveraging Cognitive Capabilities to Drive Better Outcomes to learn more and hear perspectives from IBM and other institutions that have implemented education solutions. See my sample agenda for more information.


We hear all the time about enormous amounts of data being generated every day, and healthcare data is no exception. When you get that data into the hands of clinicians and important health decision-makers, proper actions can be taken to help improve patient outcomes. Care management has also evolved and new, emerging technologies are changing the healthcare landscape every day. Learn more about the future of healthcare, providing health decision-makers with the best insights and more in The Connected Clinician: Getting the Right Data to Decision-Makers and Five Reasons Why Care Management Is Broken and What Your Organization Can Do About It. See my sample agenda for more information.

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Data and analytics are bringing exciting changes and challenges to the public sector. This is only a small selection of all the great sessions to help you get up to date, so do yourself a favor and check out the session preview tool. For a list of times and locations for all of these sessions, see my sample agenda. Haven't registered for IBM Insight 2015 yet? Register today—it's not too late! Don't forget to learn more about IBM solutions for government, education and healthcare before you get onsite.