Extending trust and confidence in the cloud

Director of Information Integration and Governance Worldwide Sales, IBM

Never before have businesses had so much data about customers, supply chains and transactions.

Hidden in the data are critical insights that could provide both immediate and longer-term competitive advantages. Analytics unlock these insights, but is only as good as its data. Today, organizations are looking for new ways to manage, govern and act on the increasing variety and volume of data in a trusted manner. To fully maximize the insights within data, businesses have to evolve their traditional operational systems into agile, trusted and hybrid cloud platforms. Businesses know they have to connect their on-premise systems with ones that will be cloud based.

Recipe for success

How to get there? The ideal analytics platform needs a few key ingredients:

  • Data and content management to leverage both structured and unstructured data
  • Integration and governance for analyzing, formatting and exposing data. This is done while dealing with personal identification records, legal holds and complex compliance regulations
  • Business intelligence and advanced analytics to make sense and leverage all data and entities

Finally, the secret ingredient is automating as much of this as possible to ensure total scalability that can span small to extremely powerful grid computing environments. data now ‘on cloud’

IBM is extending its investment in data and analytics solutions with new hybrid cloud offerings that provide an agile data platform for flexibility, better economics and faster insights. Today, IBM is announcing new Information Integration and Governance cloud offerings that make data easy to find, trust and act upon, regardless of where it resides. These services are built for those that want to extend their solutions to the cloud, create an environment for a new, test or development project or reduce operating expenses with subscription based licensing. These offerings provide the same capabilities of IBM Information Integration and Governance solutions, now with the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.

  • IBM Master Data Management on Cloud: Gain a trusted view of data with the flexibility of new cloud deployment models for speed, scalability and cost-effectiveness
  • IBM Data Stage on Cloud: Rapidly expand data integration capabilities into the cloud for new, ad hoc development and testing environments to reduce IT expenses and achieve faster time to market

This is an additional milestone and testimony of IBM’s continuous innovation to our hybrid cloud portfolio, as well as the Information Integration and Governance business. I strongly believe the combination of these two domains is the key to solving some of the world’s most complex problems around data integration, data movement, data quality and entity resolution for analytics.