Faster ROI for AI: Watson Studio Premium for IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Client Technical Specialist, ILOG Optimization Europe, IBM
Product Marketing Manager, IBM

Today, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and decision optimization are not just buzzwords found all over the news. They are urgent requirements for many companies that fear disruption, want to perform pragmatic analysis and make better decisions with their data. Data has been called the next natural resource, like oil. But just as with oil, it must be refined to be valuable, and its end value must exceed the cost of refining it. With data, the value of AI is the cost of investing in collecting, organizing and analyzing all that data.

There is good reason to invest in AI. A recent technical validation report by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) mentioned that the over-arching theme driving interest and adoption in AI/ML is related to improving operational efficiency. Organizations have seen millions of dollars in cost savings and other benefits, such as improved customer service and lower inventory, when they use optimization technology to inform critical business decisions.

To benefit from their data, many IBM clients are focusing on accelerating data science projects and seeking ways to automate the AI lifecycle. They are also infusing prediction and optimization capabilities into decision-making, while deploying enterprise AI across multiple clouds. To achieve AI, it is critical to choose a future-proof architecture, one that enables businesses to move as needed between complex deployment environments including public, private and hybrid clouds.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers this architecture. It is an open data and AI platform, designed to provide an integrated, fully governed multicloud environment. And it’s a platform where organizations can keep data secure at its source and add preferred data and analytics microservices.

Ready for AI value

IBM Watson Studio Premium for Cloud Pak for Data is a consumption-based, value-added offering that includes IBM Decision Optimization, SPSS Modeler and Hadoop Execution Engine. Watson Studio Premium includes virtually everything companies need to build and deploy AI and ML models with end-to-end automated AI lifecycle management.

With Watson Studio Premium, businesses can capitalize on the power of prescriptive analytics using decision optimization. This unique offering can help you apply AI techniques to simplify the optimization modeling process, and as a result, reduce the time needed to make smarter decisions. Data science teams can solve complex problems using optimization technology and ML within a unified environment. It’s also one of the most unique enterprise AI offerings that can help you predict and optimize business outcomes in a unified data and AI platform.

Watson Studio Premium also helps data science teams choose between visual modeling tools such as SPSS Modeler and open source tools like Python, R and Scala. Businesses can use intuitive design methods to build their algorithms or models—or they could use open source tools or a mixture of both, based on available skills.

Also included as part of the Watson Studio Premium is the Hadoop Execution Engine, which helps organizations drive insights by bringing AI and ML models to Hadoop and the big data ecosystem. This approach obviates the need to move data to where AI processing takes place.

What also makes the IBM approach unique is not only its mix of open source languages and intuitive graphical tools, but also APIs to other IBM AI services such as Watson Speech to Text, Tone Analyzer, and Visual Recognition. Our approach empowers intuitive interactions with human users and access to all kinds of unstructured data including speech, videos, photos and geospatial data.

Watson Studio for IBM Cloud Pak for Data is designed to help you drive innovation, improve operational efficiency and maximize growth. Data scientists can experiment and build minimum viable products (MVPs) and proof-of-concepts (POCs) in Watson Studio for the cloud. And then when they are successful, they are able to move that success source to the internal private cloud or public cloud, with the same tool and reliability, and with the cloud elasticity, open source and Spark—but within the enterprise network.

Want to explore more with Watson Studio Premium? Check our product guide and read this analyst report for guidance on how Watson Studio Premium can help predict and optimize your business outcomes. 

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