Fighting crime with mobile technology

i2 COPLINK Product Manager, IBM

The average crime is over in 90 seconds, and on-scene response can take many precious minutes. Capturing evidence and determining probable suspects needs to be as accurate and as speedy as possible.

Near real-time access to information from handheld devices used for everyday query has been focused for officers in the field to solve crimes faster, keep officers safer and disrupt crime. Instant access to accurate data and situational assessment matters in tense, ambiguous and dangerous situations, and the convenience of tap and pinch technology as well as the integration of photography to capture and display images shave critical minutes off the process of data analysis.

IBM has announced i2 COPLINK Everywhere, a MobileFirst application that securely delivers access of police data to officers, analysts and commanders when they are in the field. Now officers can validate information and compare partial observations, such as vehicle license plates, distinguishing markings such as tattoos, known affiliations and recent addresses during an ongoing investigation using IBM COPLINK analytics. Photo match and mug shot identification validate crucial information during interviews with victims, witnesses and others at the scene. Officer safety is also enhanced by minimizing the need to concentrate on keystrokes in favor of focusing on the situation at hand.

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