Financial News Highlights: April 2015

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If your world is anything like mine, this week has flown by and, with it, a large and growing list of articles that I want to find time to read! To help, I’ve made a list of the articles that we might both be interested in:


Financial News Highlights: April 2015Weather shapes all aspects of our lives: what we wear, how we travel and more. Extreme weather not only shapes our lives, but can be dangerous and cause personal or property damage, and therefore insurance claims. IBM is partnering with The Weather Company to harness the power of weather’s ups and downs. By combining data from all sources including big data, the Internet of Things, weather sensors, vehicles and smart phones, analytics can provide the deep insights you need to make wise decisions. For example, insurers can monitor weather data to warn and protect customers and their property.

Watch and learn more about this new partnership and the impact it can have on your business.

IBM Vision 2015

This is the conference for those in the finance, risk and performance management fields. The conference takes place in Orlando, Florida during the week of May 18 and features sessions that help you turn your business into a superpower. How? You know all that data that you have neatly managed and protected in all those databases? This data can be turned into gold if you know what you’re doing! IBM has experts who understand the required alchemy, so attend the conference to network and learn.

Read more in Michael Curry's new blog: “Discover your Inner Entrepreneur.”


There is a series of webcasts coming up that dives deep into several aspects of cyber crimes. Honest people often have a hard time understanding how a criminal's mind works. These experts are not criminals, but they’ve dedicated their careers to staying ahead of the devious minds. Take advantage of this expertise by attending the complimentary webinars. It might end up being one of the best decisions you ever make!

More information on the topics being covered and the dates of the webcasts is available in this recent article: "IBM Smarter Counter Fraud: Fight Fraud with Deeper Insights and Rich Analytics."

Gender Equality

I found the article “Disrupting gender diversity: are we mistaking progress for success?” by Isabel Naidoo to be very intriguing. Isabel works for Capco, a global business and technology consultancy based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her article was written on International Women’s Day (March 24) and addresses the question: “How do we speed up the pace of change towards gender equality generally and especially in the technology and financial services industries?”

I’m relatively new to the financial services industry, but not so new to the technology industry. I find that women add a dimension to the technology industry that only improves it—the same must be true for the financial services industry. I’m happy to say that I find IBM filled with strong leaders who happen to be women, and I hope to see the same in the financial industry.

Read the full article to form your own opinion.

Risk Management

Are you worried about cyber threats? According to this article by Mary Chaput, “8 Steps to Stronger Information Risk Management”, only 45 percent of surveyed CEOs said they were “extremely concerned” about cyber threats and data security. This doesn’t make any sense to me! Every time I read about a data breach or cyber crime, I’m told that this is a great way to lose loyal customers, and a pile of money too!  

What does make sense to me are the eight steps that are described in this article to help businesses “stay OFF the front page of the newspaper!” Protect yourself by reading the full article.

If you only have time to dig into one of these resources, choose the interactive infographic "IBM Smarter Analytics: How insurance providers improve retention and growth."