Financial services industry blueprints for scalable enterprise data initiatives

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Financial services organizations face considerable challenges today. From regulatory changes to globalization to shifting customer expectations, the urgent need to re-engineer outdated systems to better manage vast amount of data can apply additional pressure. Organizations must deal with the consistency, accuracy, timeliness and complexity of their data to remain competitive.

Financial institutions can benefit from using an overall blueprint for treating new and traditional data management components in a holistic, flexible, integrated and scalable manner. A model-driven approach can ensure consistency across the data management landscape in terms of governance, management and efficiency.

IBM Industry Models for financial services organizations

Over the past two decades, IBM has worked with many companies in the financial services sector, including banking, financial markets and insurance. IBM has built industry-specific blueprints to help businesses accelerate their regulatory compliance, data governance, data modeling, data warehousing and data integration projects.IBM Industry Models for financial services organizations

These business-driven blueprints helps users understand the types of information that circulates in a financial organization, how to govern it, and how to build comprehensive data solutions based on it. The blueprints provide a robust set of extensible and scalable business and technical data models so that they can fit each company’s unique environment and offer significant competitive advantage.

Strategic and operational leaders need reliable and accessible information to prioritize and allocate funding, resources and technology to remain competitive. They’re challenged to aggregate the data they need to make key business and operational decisions to improve performance across complex environments. A solid business data foundation that supports a broad range of data-focused solutions is necessary to meet these demands. IBM Industry Models for the financial services sector are robust enough to support current needs and can adapt to future requirements that may be unknown.

IBM Industry Models for the financial services sector now includes a number of offerings that can further meet your data management needs. They include IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse, IBM Insurance Information Warehouse and IBM Banking Process and Service Models.Benefits of these offerings include:

  • Enable the consolidation, governance and design of accurate and useful banking and insurance data across multiple channels and products
  • Accelerate analysis and design processes to onboard regulations and standards, and provide building blocks for regulations including GDPR, CCAR, BCBS239, IFRS 17, enhanced Liquidity Risk, ALM and Solvency II
  • Facilitate incremental approaches to integrated reporting, which can reduce risk and minimize development costs and reduce the time to scope requirements and customize

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