Finding Diamonds In Your Data

Social Media Strategist, Information Management

How do you find diamonds in your data? That’s a major focus of most big data and analytics projects. Everyone wants to more effectively sift through piles of dusty data and find the value hidden within. You know the type: gems that help answer key questions about your customers. You’re searching for diamonds that provide valuable insight to improve processes or please your most valuable customers.

Finding these diamonds requires a keen eye. Distinguishing good, more useful data from the less important data can help too, especially when you can then “skip” less reliable or relevant data sources. This all gets easier with faster, more robust tools that allow you to explore and visualize your data in new ways.

Join us for an #ibmblu twitterchat on Wednesday, October 16 at 1 PM ET as we discuss finding diamonds in your data. Bring your examples, and think about the questions below!

Q1 How can faster processing help find diamonds in your data?

Q2  How can you build a culture of analytics?

Q3 Can you give an example of ‘different’ types of question that orgs can ask?

Q4 How can you change queries on the fly to follow hunches, assumptions or new requests?

Q5 How can/should a DBA be more involved in analytics?

Q6 Does finding insights in streaming data require different tactics/tools?

Q7 Do you handle structured vs unstructured data differently?

Q8 Are you using tools that can help more effectively explore/visualize data?