Focusing on Excellence at Netezza

Former CEO

High-performance business analytics were the talk of the town at the IBM 2010 Information on Demand Conference in Las Vegas last week.

This year’s event attracted over 9,000 attendees from all over the world. Each came to participate in a wide variety of activities, presentations, and educational sessions put on by IBM and their partners.

Many people stopped by Netezza’s booth at this year’s conference. It’s a good feeling when your company’s sweet spot – in our case, scalable, high-performance analytics – dovetails so well with what the buzz is about. Next-generation analytics were a hot topic, probably because there are so many examples of enterprises achieving incredible, eye-popping results with the actionable information they glean from them.

As you probably know, IBM announced plans to acquire Netezza on September 20. When I sat down for an interview with IBM’s Scott Laningham and Todd Watson on the floor of the show, the conversation focused squarely on what Netezza is bringing to the marketplace and to Netezza's customers right now.

As I said to Scott and Todd, we are all familiar with appliances as part of our daily lives. Dishwashers, washing machines, even iPods are appliances – purpose-built devices that are easy to use and that perform dedicated, valuable tasks extraordinarily well.

Netezza builds appliances that perform high-performance business analytics. That’s what we do. Having a focused mission is a key advantage for us, both in advancing our technology and in helping our customers achieve success. It works well for us – and for our customers.