Friday Data Flick: A Closer Look at Operations Analysis

Social Media Strategist, Information & Analytics Group

This week’s Friday Data Flick gives you insight into “operations analysis,” which is one of the top five uses (also called “use cases”) for big data. Operations analysis is about analyzing a variety of machine data to get improved business results. The key is combining machine and business data, which allows you to put insight right into the hands of the operational decision maker. We have two videos to help you understand what operations analysis is and how it can be applied.

Quick Overview: How NCSU Helps Businesses Unlock Value from Big Data

Dr. Michael Kowolenko, Principal Research Scholar, shares how North Carolina State University helps businesses make better decisions and gain insight using IBM big data solutions. As he said, “What we’re able to do is focus more on the question, rather than the mechanics…That allows us to be more insightful.”

Deeper Look into Operations Analysis

Vijay Ramaiah, product manager for IBM big data, briefly describes all five of the top use cases for big data, then takes us on an in-depth tour of operational analysis. He explains how it can be used to capture, process and analyze all the machine data in your organization to gain insights and improve operational efficiency.


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If you would like more examples of operations analysis, listen to this podcast: Key Benefits and Uses of Operations Analysis

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