The future of data potential is here

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the term "futuristic"? Do you think of spaceships and flying cars? The future is the future because people aren’t ready for it. The world isn’t set up for time travel or life on Mars. As the future gets closer and innovations become reality, the infrastructure that supports these once hard to believe concepts will need to evolve as well. 

The future of Hadoop

Most discussions about the future of Hadoop focus on new Apache projects or technical capabilities such as machine learning, YARN and Spark. Emerging features will help speed processing (real-time streaming), lower the cost of storage and uncover new insights. Future technology is always promising, but how do we evolve users from thinking it is simply new and exciting to actually adopting it across the enterprise?

The real future of Hadoop is what new business problems it will start to solve and how technical and business users will rely on Hadoop on a daily basis. 

As a consumer, I have watched so many things change in relation to how, where and what I buy; the way I interact with customer and technical support has changed drastically in recent times as well. It is becoming obvious that organizations are starting to take advantage of big data in order to know more about me as a consumer. Information from sources such as social media, customer service notes and internet search now determine what ads and offers get presented directly via web, mobile and even through the post.

Predicting the consumer's needs with Hadoop

As organizations take further advantage of big data through technologies such as Hadoop, we as consumers can expect things to change. Here are some of the key business processes that could benefit:

  • Nothing will ever be out of stock because companies will be able to better predict what we want and where we want to buy it
  • Cars, trucks and equipment won’t breakdown as often because predictive maintenance will tell you when and where to get things fixed before they break
  • Roads will be free from pot holes because sensors will know where they are and tell crews to fix them
  • The common flu won’t stand a chance of spreading because healthcare workers will be able to track outbreaks and treat them on the spot

Every industry can capitalize on the future of Hadoop. Check out this eBook to find key use cases for your industry and read about IBM’s latest innovations in Hadoop, focused on machine learning and in-Hadoop analytics. 

To dive deeper, watch the #HadoopNext live video recording with IBM VP of Product Development Rob Thomas and theCUBE analysts featuring discussion on how to fully realize the value of Hadoop. To follow this developing conversation, and join in during the live interview, use #HadoopNext.