Sales Performance Management predictions featuring Gartner at Vision 2017

Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Sales Performance Management, IBM

Gartner is the world’s leading information technology research advisory company and often clients that are evaluating and selecting a technology solution will engage with Gartner to help them with the insight necessary for them to make the right decision.

IBM Vision 2017

Melissa Hilbert is a Research Director at Gartner. Melissa is responsible for the Sales Performance Management (SPM) agenda within the CRM for sales research agenda including the SPM Magic Quadrant. She has extensive knowledge of SPM systems and processes, sales incentive compensation, quota management and territory management. She has additional expertise in sales enablement processes, sales enablement tools and sales analytics.

We are honored to have Melissa as a featured guest at our annual IBM Vision 2017 conference at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek in Orlando, Florida, again this year. The conference begins Tuesday, May 16th with a full agenda including the General Session, Keynotes, Elective Sessions, Hands-on Labs, Consultant Reviews, Executive 1-on-1 meetings and much more. Of course, there will be fun activities including a ‘special event’ scheduled for Thursday evening at Harry Potter, Universal Studios. It is a great opportunity for our customers to network, learn and have some fun. If you are someone evaluating SPM for your organization, what better place to hear how SPM has transformed sales planning and management processes and how applying advanced sales analytics provides a competitive advantage.

We’ve all said it before, “If only I had a crystal ball to see what the future holds?" Monitoring trends that are happening in the sales performance management space are critical to determining where to make investments. As an SPM vendor, IBM pays close attention to the needs of our customers, what new solution capabilities will bring value to driving sales performance and what challenges can our SPM offering solve for organizations. Our customers want to look ahead and make sure they are prepared to remain competitive. Looking into a crystal ball to predict the future of SPM enables us to answer fundamental questions about what lies ahead.

  • Will there be a need for more collaborative and advanced sales planning tools? 
  • Will organizations want stronger integration between SPM and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions?
  • Will SPM become a critical solution in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) ecosystem?
  • Will customers depend and trust SPM data for advanced analytics with deeper insight into the decisions we need to make in running our business?

Staying informed about the trends and predicting what customers need in an SPM solution is essential. Melissa will be speaking as the SPM Keynote this year in a segment entitled, “Gartner Predicts Sales Performance Management." Melissa will also be presenting in one of our breakout sessions entitled, “Gartner Predicts: Sales Performance Management Today and Tomorrow”, where she will discuss in more detail, some key trends she is tracking and her insight on the future of SPM. 

We will have a range of great speakers delivering sessions in the SPM track at IBM Vision 2017. 

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