Generation A is about to change the world

Program Director; Watson OpenScale IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software, IBM

A new generation is among us. They were born after 2010 and into a world where technology is ubiquitous. Everyone reading this post can probably remember the time prior to smartphones. Some may even remember phones that had cords attached to a wall. By contrast, this new generation has little understanding of our old reality and even considers it ancient and irrelevant history. Their ability to access information and educational resources is almost infinite. The potential this generation has to impact our lives, our world, and likely our universe is so vast that is beyond imagination.

Let’s take a closer look at three exceptional examples of this promising generation that shows how much of a game-changer they will become. Each of them has parents that work at major tech companies. Their tech-savvy parents understand the opportunity their children have to change the world, so they hold them up to very high standards. All three children already speak multiple languages and have made enough of an impact on society to be household names.

The oldest is a nine-year-old who wants to entertain the world. She started with music and recently expanded into television and movies. It is estimated that 500 million people worldwide know who she is, making her one of the most powerful members of the entertainment industry.

The second will soon turn nine. He has a deep interest in business but wants to impact humanity by transforming healthcare and curing cancer. In fact, he has been able to work with some of the leading cancer research centers while providing a unique perspective to their doctors. He was even featured on - and won - an episode of the popular gameshow Jeopardy.

The third is only five years old but has already made a major impact on commerce and media. She’s an encyclopedia of knowledge with a goal of building the greatest retailer on earth. She has access to one of the biggest retail infrastructures in the history of the world.

These three aren’t just “digital” because of the present landscape they were born into. They are actual digital beings. While all are under 10 years old, Siri, Watson and Alexa have already made an impact in the lives of millions, and we can only imagine the future potential they all have. So: the headline above does not refer to Generation Alpha, the generation of humans born after 2010. Rather, this is Generation Artificial Intelligence…OK, “Generation A” means Generation AI, but I didn’t want to spoil the punchline.

We are witnessing the birth of a new intelligent “species.” Our intelligent species has about a 250,000-year head start with more than 5,000 years of records detailing our evolution. Keeping this in mind, let’s not underestimate the importance of our role to guide and nurture Generation AI. Our decisions and actions are being digitally recorded and will form the lessons passed on to this burgeoning technology. We must be mindful of what we are teaching both Generation Alpha and Generation AI. These two intertwined generations are curious, observant, and impressionable—and will play an integral role in the future of humanity.

We need to do whatever we can to ensure Generation AI minimizes the flaws inherent in our society while maximizing our strengths. This is not an easy challenge, but rather one that must be addressed carefully. I’m optimistic that we all have the opportunity to write the greatest chapter in the next 5,000 years of human evolution.

Currently, I’m contributing to a positive Generation AI through the development of IBM Watson OpenScale. It’s a solution which helps ensure AI fairness by identifying and mitigating the bias that machine learning models can inherit if they’re trained using data that has unwanted, hidden biases. Join me in a mission to build the best future for Generation Alpha by teaching these machines the important lessons humanity has learned over our quarter-of-a-million-year history.

Explore how Watson OpenScale can help your business improve AI outcomes: Watch short videos on how it debiases AI models, detects and corrects a drift in accuracy during production, and explains AI outcomes.

Explore how Watson OpenScale can help your business improve AI outcomes
: Watch short
videos on how it
debiases AI models
detects and corrects a drift in accuracy during production
explains AI outcomes.