Get off the fence and get insight!

Program Director, Analytics Platform Marketing, IBM

Rumor has it that some people are aware of plans for Insight 2014 but are still sitting on the fence, trying to decide if they should attend. Here are five fabulous reasons why anyone interested in big data, integration and governance (my own bias!) should attend.

  1. Demos: There’s no other venue like Insight for getting an in-depth look at so many different products addressing so many different aspects of big data, integration and governance. If you want to see for yourself how analysis of streaming data works, how to discover and then protect sensitive data or how to secure data in your data warehouse, Insight is the place. Have you heard about a new catalog that enables you (or the business people in your organization) to “shop” for data? This is the place to go to see how it works and determine if it’s something that would fit within your environment. It’s no wonder the demo room is such a busy place!
  2. Elective Sessions: Unlike college, where you probably had to sit through some required courses that didn’t thrill you, Insight is all about electives, totally focused on the content that you need for your job or that you want for your own enlightenment. What’s hot in big data, integration and governance? For starters, Hadoop in the cloud, data integration and quality in the cloud, MDM, data lifecycle management, data security...just about anything in the cloud. Big data integration is hot, and big test data management is brand new, as is data security for Hadoop environments. Interested in learning more about data governance and building confidence in data? Ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the details of the latest product releases as well as the roadmap for the coming quarters? Eager to hear how other users have fared when implementing the product you’ve just installed? Get ready to hear it all at Insight.
  3. Expert Exchange Sessions – These special sessions provide an opportunity for interaction with IBM experts as well as other customers and partners. Hot topics include tips and techniques for getting the most from your products and deep dives into infrastructure, right from the architects, developers and product managers. These sessions are not to be missed.
  4. Fast Tracks: If you’re considering Insight because big data, integration and governance activities are core to your job, but you want to get exposure to some other hot topics on the side, the Fast Tracks on mobile, social, cloud, infrastructure, security and Watson may have some content that’s perfect for you. These tracks—new in 2014—give you a chance to broaden your horizons, even while you cover the essentials of your major in IIG.
  5. Networking – There are lots of informal networking opportunities at Insight. And you’ll really maximize your time if you do some up-front planning and schedule a meeting with an executive, a peer, or a subject matter expert who can answer questions, share directions and provide insights based on experience with other organizations whose requirements or environments may be similar to yours.

There you have it: five fabulous reasons to register and attend. I hope to see you there!