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Imagine you are a business analyst in the marketing department of a bank. Your bank has just acquired the credit card business from another financial institution. It’s going to take a bit of time to get the acquired customer information file incorporated into the master data management (MDM) program, but you want to get a jump start on exploring the relationships these credit card holders have to the bank’s existing current customers.

Being able to understand these relationships would deliver business benefits such as cross-sell and upsell opportunities, as well as provide useful information to tools that could establish changes in risk exposure. The compliance manager will also want to ensure existing customers’ privacy preference information is used to determine how each customer of interest would prefer to be contacted, if at all.  When thinking through the requests, you recognize that it would be beneficial for both the new and known customer information to be available to explore and analyze in the same system to get at these early insights.

Why should IT stand in the way?

Unlock the trusted information about your customers with MDM and empower your business analysts to search, explore and match with other data collections with governed freedom.

Business user empowerment

Traditionally, to make information available to your business users, it has meant a lot of involvement from the IT department to get the data needed to create simple reports or analytics to understand customers better.

The Entity Insight features in InfoSphere MDM provide business users more freedom to explore data that is available to them. Whether it is information curated from the MDM system or their own data sets, business users are empowered with secure access and the tools required to discover new insights.

They can combine, match, discover and explore relationships, as well as share the insights they have gleaned. The visualization of relationships at various degrees of separation is also made easier with the introduction of graph technology underpinning the user experience.

With MDM available to provide the well-governed, trusted pillar of relationships between customers, accounts, locations and products, business users can feel confident that when matching their data sets to this backbone, they make trustworthy correlations and faster, more accurate decisions.

Governed data sharing

Records from your InfoSphere MDM solution can be made available for Entity Insight by business users with the straightforward features of the MDM Publisher.

With IT taking on the responsibility of governing and curating MDM, decisions on what and how often to update this valuable information for your business users can be made. You can choose what parts of a domain — such as person: person name, address, identifiers, addresses, privacy preferences — to make available for relationship exploration and matching, along with when to publish updates from MDM over time as those occur.

With the MDM Publisher, making information available from your InfoSphere MDM repositories is only a few clicks away.

Matching and relationship resolution at scale

Self-service matching is a key feature of Entity Insights using the statistical learning algorithms that are the core to MDM, based on over 20 years of IBM experience identifying and matching customers for some of the largest public and private sector organizations. 

Business users can create collections of data from MDM and their own data sources and choose to match within or between these collections using the powerful, probabilistic matching algorithms in Entity Insights. Moreover, these algorithms are delivered in a highly scalable architecture enabling business users to tackle internet-scale entity analytics.

Key benefits of Entity Insight features

Entity Insight features it enable the business analyst to:

  • Upload, explore and compare their own data sets with published, trusted information from an InfoSphere MDM deployment
  • Conduct ad hoc matching and exploration using probabilistic matching technology
  • Create private collections using Apache Solr-powered free-text search or a finely crafted rule-based search
  • Export a collection for further exploration in other business intelligence (BI) tools

Learn more about these key capabilities and how they can benefit you and your organization.