Get on the predictive analytics train before it leaves the station

Social Business Manager, IBM

I’m going to do you all a favor and tell you exactly what you should take away from this blog post right up front: stop being reactive! Reactive analytics is out and predictive analytics is in. 

Predictive analytics is infiltrating organizations in every industry: sports teams are anticipating and preventing injuries, CFO’s are using it to manage profitability and cities around the world are preventing crime.

To really drive this message home, I scoured through hours of blogs, videos and podcasts on the hub to find the best of the best when it comes to predictive analytics. All right, that might have been a little dramatic, but it really was hard to narrow it down to my top four.

1. Predicting relationships between social signals and box office sales

If you don’t already know Graeme, he’s become famous for his insight into the inner workings of the North Pole. Santa’s use of predictive analytics seemed a little too obvious for my “best of” post and I wanted to be sure you didn’t miss his post on how analytics is being used to predict the success of a film before it’s released.  

2. Keys to the match

I realize this isn’t a short video, but it’s definitely worth a watch. IBM Slamtracker is, in my opinion, one of the coolest technologies to come out of IBM recently, which is why this video chat with one of the lead developers Kenneth Jensen is on my favorite list. See if you can watch the French Open or Wimbledon without it after learning what it can do.

3. The  value of customer retention

OK, let’s be honest. The idea of “big brother” might make us all a little uneasy, but isn’t it kind of nice when you feel like your favorite brands know you and what you want? No…still not convinced? Well, maybe this infographic on using predictive analytics to retain customers will convince you, embedded directly in this post for your convenience.  

4. What big data means to an analytics geek

Marcus Hearne, predictive and business intelligence marketing manager, makes no secret that he’s an analytics geek. In this podcast, he breaks down what big data means to an analytics guru, including how it affects his daily coffee order.

So, there you have it, my top four posts of the year. Be sure to let me know your favorites if I’ve left them out. Predictive analytics clearly had a big year in 2013, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014.