Get Up to Speed for the Fastest Informix DBA Contest

Build on DBA skills while taking advantage of a time extension for the 2013 contest

My previous column, “Putting Database Administrator Skills to the Test,” introduced the sixth-annual Advanced DataTools Fastest Informix DBA Contest and discussed its details. In this column, I would like to share a few updates and resources available to contestants and other database administrators (DBAs), which they can use to learn more about tuning IBM® Informix® database servers.

One update is that participation in the contest has been extended to September 30, 2013. In addition, each participant will be allowed three attempts. The extension gives participants additional time to prepare and consult a list of resources presented here that can enhance everyday Informix DBA skills, which are critical for increasing the chances of success in the contest. One of the best ways to learn is by studying the methods of others who have done well in past contests. These resources highlight those techniques that have worked favorably in the past for winning contestants.

Some of the best resources I can recommend are IBM Data magazine articles about previous contests. For example, this year’s contest combines the online transaction processing (OLTP) performance-tuning requirements from last year’s contest with the batch SQL-tuning requirements of the contest held in 2009. In the following articles, read about how past contest winners succeeded and the techniques they used to make their Informix implementation faster than the competition:

Plus, take a look at interviews and webcasts highlighting some of the past winners and the approaches they applied to get the database to run faster than competing databases. The following replays are available at

Look for an upcoming column about the results of this year’s contest in the next few months. This contest offers DBAs a great opportunity to learn as well as try out their Informix DBA skills. Visit the Advanced DataTools website for more information about the contest and how to participate.

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