Get up to speed with stream computing at InterConnect 2015

Manager of Portfolio Strategy, IBM

It’s time to pack your bags for InterConnect 2015! This premier cloud and mobile conference is the perfect place to feature stream computing.

Cloud and mobile are new systems of engagement that are transforming our world. We are shifting from a world where select users access applications with a trusted data store, to a world where billions of users, trillions of things and millions of applications are communicating and sharing data. The mission is to deliver a platform capable of delivering analytics across these different systems of engagements and users, whether a person or a machine.   

IBM Stream Computing continuously integrates and analyzes data in real time to understand the context of everything. Clients leverage this real-time insight to enhance and create more accurate analytical models and fuel cognitive systems. IBM Stream Computing makes it possible to detect insights (risks and opportunities) in fast data which can only be detected and acted on at a moment’s notice. 

To date, vendors have been overly focused on how to manage big data. The market demands something different. Clients are asking: “how can I make sense of and analyze big data in real time?” One retail provider reported that two in every thousand people they hired were arrested for stealing at the very same store. In this example, big data is gathered and stored but not understood or applied.

Get up to speed quickly with these IBM InterConnect sessions:

  • Stream_BlogOption3.jpgIRD-1597 How Joy Global is Using Big Data as a Differentiator in the Mining Industry: Joy Global manages some of the most complex underground mining machines and sensors in the world. It needed to revolutionize its business to shift to a more services-based company. Today, the company is running one of the most sophisticated big data platforms in the industry that is hosted by a combination of IBM Softlayer and IBM Global Business Services. Join us for a deep dive on this use case.
  • BIN-1589 Real-Time Analytics as a Service - Store Less, Analyze More: InfoSphere Streams offers a cloud-based solution to analyze data from thousands of sources without the burden of managing operations in house. In this session, you will learn how to pull any amount of data, from any number of sources, scaling up and down as needed. See a live demo and learn how to get dangerous with real-time analytics. We explore the depth and breadth of analytics that are available, including text, geospatial and sensor. You will see the IBM Bluemix service for geospatial analytics. If you are a developer looking for more cloud services, this is for you.
  • ITI-1592 Cash in on the Internet of Thing, Bring Intelligence to Connected Environments for real-time action: The IoT offers tremendous growth opportunities and new revenue sources. Unfortunately, it also offers plenty of data challenges with reams of complex data spewing from devices and machines. The challenge is capture, analyze and act in the right business moment. We will explore an IT architecture to help you down the road to action. We will explore real world examples of this architecture, for example for smart buildings. See the possibilities of analytics and the value of being on the "edge" of the IoT.
  • IRD-1594 Harness Streaming Data to Optimize Availability, Performance, and Capacity: We will walk through some real-life examples of the Internet of Things (IoT) in action. We will explore several use cases including IBM Burlington, CenterPoint Energy and Emory University. As a use case based session, this is geared for business leaders looking for ideas about how to harness the power of the Internet of Things.
  • IRD-1896 Enhance Business Process Management with Real-Time Analytics: Business processes are the heartbeat of your business. Are you able to leverage all available data from video to social to sensor to inform and update your business processes? With InfoSphere Steams, you can infuse your business rules with real-time analytics on data in motion. Join us for some industry examples including real-time offers, smart grid management, patient monitoring and more

Hands on Lab

Want a peek into what clients are doing with InfoSphere Streams? Watch these client testimonials:

As this has likely stirred up some interest in stream computing at InterConnect, take a moment to register today for the event and then grab these great sessions for your schedule.  

Even if you can’t make it, you can visit the IBM Stream Computing to learn more, and leave any questions you have in the blog comments below.