Getting started with Watson IoT is as easy as Pi

Vice President, Watson Internet of Things Platform, IBM

With millions sold worldwide, Raspberry Pi has fueled the maker culture and has become a symbol for creativity and innovation for the Internet of Things (IoT). The new Raspberry Pi 3 is the first “out of the box IoT ready” Raspberry Pi. The launch of the new Raspberry Pi addresses the tremendous creative power that can be unleashed by putting the right features in the right hands. So many engineers and entrepreneurs first start tinkering with their IoT ideas on a Raspberry Pi, which is why IBM has engaged and committed to the Pi ecosystem by teaming up with element14, a Premier Farnell trading company and a licensed manufacturer of the Raspberry Pi. Together they have also teamed up with key partners to deliver a powerful prototyping environment for full-stack cognitive IoT solutions.

"I am delighted that IBM continues to be such a committed partner in the continuing evolution of the Raspberry Pi journey. The combination of Pi3 and the IBM Watson IoT platform and Bluemix is a hugely exciting and powerful prospect for the developer community."

—Eben Upton, CEO, Raspberry Pi

The IBM Watson IoT Platform is the world's most powerful Cognitive IoT Platform, and it supports the newest Raspberry Pi out of the box. The available Watson APIs can help turn connected devices into agents that can do more than interact with their environment—they can actually engage with it. Such solutions can communicate with humans in natural language, analyze images and find meaningful patterns by correlating IoT data with external data sources, such as weather data or social media.

EnOcean is another key collaborator in this ecosystem and a leader in energy harvesting wireless technology, which is the basis of a new generation of self-powered Internet of Things switches and sensors that work without the need for wires and batteries.

element14 has announced an IoT-ready starter kit that includes an advanced gateway and sensors based on Raspberry Pi and EnOcean technology. These flexible and cost-effective toolkits are designed to help innovators prototype and develop novel IoT solutions that are ideal for intelligent buildings. One model of the toolkit is designed with entrepreneurs and garage inventors in mind, and the other model has additional capabilities for industrial applications. Both models will have a seamless integration to the IBM Watson IoT Platform, where they can access the building blocks for a full-stack cognitive IoT solution that can scale when the idea takes off.

Both of these models also include EnOcean’s revolutionary miniaturized energy converters which gain energy from motion, light and temperature of the surrounding environment and can use that energy to power sensors, eliminate batteries and significantly reduce maintenance. No batteries! Consider this for a moment: Today’s innovations have to remain practical in a world where connected devices will outnumber all the humans on the planet by a factor of four in 2020 (as reported by BI Intelligence and based on the US Census Bureau predictions).

The Internet of Things isn’t growing this quickly because sensors are getting cheaper. It is growing so quickly because there are more empowered and motivated individuals willing to try to build their innovative ideas. However, so many innovations die even before the first step is taken, which is why IBM has recently announced a program offering the first 1,000 registrants a free advanced Raspberry Pi and an extended trial of our IBM Watson IoT Platform.

IBM is committed to enabling IoT innovators and the Pi ecosystem with cognitive capabilities through the advanced IBM Watson IoT Platform. These IoT solutions will support new opportunities for inventors through new operational efficiencies, novel customer experiences and deep industry disruptions.

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