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New big data services announced at IBM Impact

Impact 2014 is full of news, and there are still two more days to go! Being a veteran of Impact, I have seen an evolution in smarter business processes and decision management over the years, but 2014 stands out as a year of substantive announcements. Attendees are truly seeing a new era in IBM’s approach to relentlessly reinvent from infrastructure to applications to mobile, cloud and big data. IBM divisions are coming together to deliver capabilities for developers and business leaders to enable new, agile business models in minutes—literally. 

During the Monday, April 29 Big Data & Analytics Keynote, attendees witnessed a live demo from two millennial developers. These developers were able establish a simple and flexible application which powered a new line of business in 10 minutes. The innovative team wrote JavaScript to extract data from various wearable medical devices and then move the data into the cloud for real time alerts on stage. The developers took it to the next level and extended the application to include reporting and predictions of falls and serious conditions. 

The premise behind the application is that elderly individuals want to be independent and active. To enable a higher quality of life, seniors can use wearable technology to detect threatening conditions like a fall. As a result, older folks have the ability to be independent with the confidence of knowing that medical help is always available in real time. When a fall is detected, an emergency response is automatically enabled for real-time actionable insight. The result is better care for seniors for less money.

Powering this application are Hadoop-based cloud services. Landing the data into a Hadoop-based platform like InfoSphere BigInsights allows organizations to build predictive analytics fast. With cloud-based predictive analytics built on Hadoop, organizations can reach their customers in the moment.

The Big Data & Analytics Keynote referenced several recent analyst findings. For example, did you know that the average person spends two hours per day using mobile apps and 85 percent of new applications are built on the cloud? One other interesting tidbit, 84 percent of smartphone users check apps first thing in the morning. The market is ripe for new mobile apps and IBM’s cloud-based Hadoop analytics will meet this demand.

Plus, IBM is building security into the cloud and mobile environments to ensure organizations keep customer data safe while at the same time acting on business opportunities. With IBM Big Data as a service you can also create a secure database instance for each user to support privacy requirements. Give this a try right now with the just announced no charge InfoSphere Guardium Vulnerability assessment

Hadoop services in the cloud allow organizations to switch from time consuming and expensive creation of new data centers to focus on breakthrough capabilities in real time. Also announced during the keynote is a way to combine Hadoop services with spatial time series services and geospatial analytics powered by InfoSphere Streams.

A second cool demo featured during the Big Data & Analytics Keynote focused on real-time marketing campaigns. The goal of the demo was to highlight the importance of action. Collecting data is of no value; it is the ability to act on the data at the right moment that matters. Businesses that can get to consumers first usually win more business. Speed is key in a world where minutes or seconds can be the difference between success and failure.

The demo involved sending a marketing offer (20 percent off a chicken dinner) to a parent with a family to feed. The offer was sent to a consumer on his mobile device in real time based on sophisticated analytics such as time series, propensity to buy and geospatial conditions.

In this demonstration IBM showed how powerful analytics across streaming and structured data stores can be integrated with business rules to take action and unique opportunities. 

Real-time actionable insight in the cloud helps organizations optimize decisions and implement repeatable business outcomes across all data, systems, policies and processes. It uses context accumulation and analytics (real-time and predictive) to detect business opportunities across a broader spectrum of interest and provides the appropriate platform and integration capabilities to enable rapid and repeatable execution across big data, mobile applications and cloud environments.

This certainly beats an older model of selling chicken—maybe employing a high school senior to stand outside a grocery store in a chicken suit!

Certainly much more to see at Impact, but I hope this gives you a sense of the real applications organizations are building using InfoSphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights in the cloud.

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