A glimpse into the future of analytics and innovation in the cloud

VP, Analytics Platform Client Success & Smarter Support, IBM

Children are a big part of my life. As I spend time with them, I notice how easily they adapt to technology. Completely without fear, they happily tackle whatever device is put before them. I can’t help but wonder how different their childhood will be from how my own was. And I marvel at how rapidly the world has changed, providing them with tools and technologies that will enable them to accomplish things my generation never even dreamed were possible.

There’s little doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT)—something that was science fiction in the not-too-distant past—will continue to expand and gain acceptance. Indeed, what we might find astonishing today will likely be a daily expectation among this coming generation of world citizens. Knowing all this makes me proud that I’m working for an organization that has made such efforts to democratize the Internet of Things. IBM has been at the forefront of IoT innovation, helping make the Internet of Things available to organizations around the world so that everyone can benefit from its presence.

Now that IBM has launched its powerful IBM Informix database on the cloud, offering service packages designed to meet the needs of businesses at every level, even the newest startup can access the same enterprise-class database used by successful corporations throughout the world. With IBM Informix on Cloud, you can capture and store the massive amounts of information needed by your business, analyzing it to determine trends and ultimately using it to make informed predictions about potential future behaviors.

What does this mean for society? It means that manufacturers and retailers will be able to use IoT insights to innovate and enhance their products and services. It means that consumers will be increasingly connected and ever more attuned to the world around them.

With all that’s happening in the world of technology, the journey to the future is looking more interesting than ever before. When I think about the prospects for each new generation, I can’t help noticing how many of the concepts and capabilities it will enjoy are now easily accessible through the cloud. If you’re interested in learning how IBM Informix on Cloud can provide a security-rich infrastructure in an easily deployable format, or if you’d like to learn more about the technology behind it, you’ll find the information on the IBM Informix website.