Going Big with Big Data at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2013

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Next week, thousands of mobile industry leaders will convene in Barcelona, Spain for the GSMA Mobile World Congress, 25-28 February, 2013.

This will prove to be an exciting time in an exciting city. And, as mobile has become so pervasive, it is no wonder that representatives from 205 countries around the world will be attending.

Of course, I am most interested in hearing about big data and the impact it will have in changing the world we live in. More and more aspects of our lives have become digitized and mobilized, creating an avalanch of data. This translates into opportunity for business leaders with vision who avail themselves of the wealth of information that new technology can unlock from data. (For example, I recently blogged about how Mobile Couponing is impacting the retail and telecom industries.)

Let me share what you’ll find at GSMA when you visit IBM booth 3.B86, hall 3 with 11 touch scopes in the Big Data Demonstration Zones.


Value Demonstration Zone

Big Data Innovation

Telecom CMOs need game-changing capabilities to turn vast amounts of data into actionable information, and they need to do it in real time. Call data records (CDRs) by the millions deliver terabytes of data that – with the right analysis – can be used to effectively launch campaigns for a new service, on target to the right customers.

IBM is building a big data appliance specifically for telecom. It will provide a high-performance big data foundation and deep customer analytics for social network and content analytics to integrate large volumes of unstructured data that were previously not accessible. Analysis of a growing variety of data types, as well as CDRs, gives views into customer sentiment and behavior that can be used to improve service delivery and unveil new marketing opportunities.

Personalize Customer Engagements Demonstration Zone

Intelligent Campaigns

Analytics applied to external and internal data from social media, customer information and real-time geo localization is helping retailers detect and identify potential customers and deliver personalized offers over different channels from Twitter and the web to SMS and call centers. Marketing insights gleaned from data sharing between telecom and retail data extend the reach and probability of success for personalized marketing campaigns for retail partners.

Social Media Analytics As consumers increasingly prize the opinions of friends and family, it is important to monitor and understand the pulse of social media. With consumer sentiment captured from online social media channels toward a selection of service providers, network experiences and top mobile devices such as, Apple, Android and Blackberry, better decisions can be made on what to offer, when and to whom, based on probabilistic assessments of offer options and affinity measurement.

Build Smarter Networks Zone

In this zone, IBM is featuring demonstrations for harnessing big data on the network side to drive superior quality of experience for subscribers.

In addition to the main booth, there is an IBM Mobile Booth in Hall 8.1 (Booth 8.1H26) where you can visit the Connected City Showcase in the City Hall. This showcases how Deutsche Telekom and IBM bring together their capabilities to help cities drive sustainable growth and improve the quality of life for their citizens.

You may also want to add these presentations to your agenda:

  • Big Data: Big Questions, Big Value?, Monday Feb 25, 4:00 pm, Hall 4 - Conference Village - Auditorium 5, presented by Paul Bloom, Chief Technology Officer for Telecom Research, IBM
  • Evaluating the Business Case for Mobile Cloud Services, Monday at 2:00 pm, Hall 4 - Conference Village - Auditorium 5, presented by Malcolm Nicholas, CTO, IBM Telecommunications Practice, United Kingdom and Ireland

Lastly, IBM clients are encouraged to join us for a VIP Client Reception on Tuesday, February 26, at the IBM main booth 3.B86 in Hall 3 at 7:00 p.m. Please contact your IBM sales person to register for this exciting networking event at Mobile World Congress 2013 (seats are limited and pre-registration is required).

I look forward to seeing you all in Barcelona for an exciting Mobile World Congress 2013!