Hack the Weather: Meet the semifinalists at IBM Insight 2015

Content Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets, IBM

On the weekend of 18–20 September, at GalvanizeU in San Francisco, IBM and The Weather Company co-sponsored the Hack the Weather hackathon. At the hackathon, data professionals learned to think creatively about weather-related solutions when IBM and The Weather Compnay provided participants with vast weather APIs and challenged them to build a data product in three days.

Using the IBM Data Scientist Workbench as their analysis engine, hackers immersed themselves in studying weather’s effects on business using the following The Weather Company-provided APIs:

  • API
    Provides access to localized weather data, including forecasts, current and historical data, through a primarily point-based API offering built-in visualization capabilities
  • Datacloud API
    Supports visualization via Tile KML-based formats for application into map-based solutions, as well as severe weather analysis using radar-derived products
  • Weather Underground API
    Enables access to more than 130,000 global personal weather sensors, offering both current and historical data as well as a webcam network, buoy data and the AutoComplete API
  • Lightning Server API
    Supplies minute-by-minute global lightning data, providing an accessible FTP site for lightning data point plotting while supporting multiple networks, including some that offer polarity data

Two of the five teams competing in the hackathon were chosen as semifinalists:

Come to IBM Insight 2015 to learn how to generate weather-driven analysis, and watch as the semifinalists present their final projects to a panel of judges in Las Vegas on Tuesday, 27 October, for a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize. At Insight, IBM and The Weather Company will demonstrate how to use The Weather Company weather data packages and IBM data science tools—such as Apache Spark as a Service in the IBM Bluemix cloud—to address urgent weather-related business challenges by building powerful smart data applications for meteorological forecasting.

Additionally, discover how to use Apache Spark as a Service to hack your weather-related analytic challenges as well as to address analytics-related business tasks.