Hadoop enables quick responses to changing market conditions for telecommunications

Product Marketing Manager

Telecommunications is a necessarily data-driven and capital-intensive business. Mobile network rollouts and the increasing use of mobile devices and social media generate huge amounts of customer and market data. Quick responses to changing market conditions are imperative to remaining competitive.

Telecom Avi Datagram_v37-14.120814.jpgAdopting Hadoop can help service providers reduce infrastructure costs while enabling speedy go-to-market moves. Networks must run at peak performance to both grow and retain the customer base. Hadoop’s extreme scalability can accommodate large data volumes at reasonable cost and its machine learning capabilities can help prevent service disruptions. Effective capture of phone and device data supports innovative product development and enables companies to respond to product failures in a timely manner.

Hadoop can also handle billions of call data records, allowing that data to be stored in a diminutive, cost-effective fashion. With greater and deeper visibility into their customers, telecommunications organizations can provide services and content in line with current interests and reduce customer churn.

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