Hadoop for healthcare can be the difference between life and death

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Data is growing and moving faster than healthcare organizations can consume it, yet getting insights from that data into the hands of practitioners can quite literally make the difference between life and death.

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Real-time data analysis and distribution is an ongoing hurdle for healthcare organizations. Patient records are just one of many crucial information resources—others include claims, finance records, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, business and care partner organization references, research logs and physician correspondence. Much of this data is unstructured and changes constantly. In addition, it is usually spread across multiple sources and departments. Getting access to this valuable data and factoring it into clinical and advanced analytics is critical to improving care and outcomes, incentivizing patient behavior and driving efficiencies.

Successfully harnessing big data with Hadoop and streaming technology unleashes the potential to achieve several critical objectives for healthcare transformation, including:

  • Building sustainable healthcare systems and health information exchanges
  • Improving clinical treatment effectiveness and reducing readmission rates
  • Reducing medical errors and supporting collaboration
  • Detecting claims fraud and other attempts to misuse medical resources 

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