Hadoop in minutes: The power of IBM Bluemix

Program Director, Digital Experience, IBM

A few months ago I wrote about IBM Bluemix. Since then, Bluemix itself is now available and has attracted a record number of users. If you are not familiar with Bluemix, it is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, managing and running apps of all types, such as web, mobile, big data and smart devices. This includes Hadoop, powered by IBM’s own InfoSphere BigInsights offering.

The Bluemix service that I am talking about is called “IBM Analytics for Hadoop.”

This service (as well as the underlying InfoSphere BigInsights software) is powered by open source Hadoop, and provides the enterprise capabilities of Big SQL, Big Sheets, Hive and HttpFS. You can even analyze data on a Hadoop cluster without having to worry about managing the backend system.


What I think is very cool about this Hadoop service (and at the time of this writing, it is still in beta) is that you can stand it up on its own in Bluemix and have Hadoop with BigInsights capabilities up and running in minutes! Yes, I said minutes.

As a Mac user, I always get a bit irritated when I trial new software and it is Windows or Linux only, so that I am relegated to using a third party tool that runs a virtual image of another operating system. With IBM Bluemix and the power of the IBM cloud, my Safari browser seamlessly opens up with the official BigInsights administration console…I love it!


And I can load data….


Review and manipulate that data…



And quickly chart it via BigSheets.


All taking minutes, not hours—which allows me to spend more time with the powers of Hadoop, rather than with downloading, configuring and installing.

What is even more impressive is that even though it is in beta, I am free to upload whatever data I want to explore here, not just “read only” like some other vendors, and definitely longer than three hours at a time. Sheesh, I just got off a conference call that was longer than that!

And yes, Bluemix has a free trial, so do yourself a favor and go sign up to get started with Hadoop today.

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