Hadoop: Where it's been and where it's going

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Nearly 10 years ago, a little open source software project with a funny name came into being. Over the past few years, that project, Hadoop, has taken the world by storm and has caused a sea change in both the software vendor marketplace and the way IT organizations think about their computing strategy. In this open Twitter discussion, we look look at how Hadoop and the larger big data space has shaped up and explore where it's headed.

Our special guests for the chat are Mike Gualtieri (@mgualtieri), principal analyst covering big data strategy and Hadoop at Forrester; Jeff Kelly (@jeffreyfkelly), principal research contributor at The Wikibon Project and a contributing editor at SiliconANGLE; and James Kobielus (@jameskobielus), big data evangelist and senior program director at IBM. Twitter handle @IBMbigdata will be moderating the chat.

Questions we'll discuss in this chat

  1. Nearly 10 years after its creation, how mature is Hadoop in terms of adoption, functionality, etc?
  2. Will YARN and Hadoop 2.0 obsolete MapReduce and Hadoop 1.0?
  3. What do you think Hadoop needs most: more features, ease of use, wider adoption, an image makeover, etc.?
  4. Is Hadoop's reputation as too complex still accurate, or just a bad rap that refuses to die?
  5. What's the application sweet spot for Hadoop vs. NoSQL vs. in-memory databases?
  6. What has the brighter future: the Hadoop appliance market or Hadoop in the cloud?
  7. Is the Hadoop space ready for true standardization? If so, where?
  8. What will be Hadoop's principal commercial use case in the year 2020?
  9. What was the biggest surprise at Hadoop Summit?

Helpful resource

See the The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014, written by Mike Gualtieri and Noel Yuhanna

How do you join in?

If you use a Twitter client like Tweetdeck or HootSuite, create a search column for the term #BigDataMgmt.  Then as participants tweet with the #BigDataMgmt hashtag, those tweets will appear in your column. Or you can follow with Tweetchat ( and it automatically adds the #BigDataMgmt hashtag.

How do you participate?

Just jump right in! Review the discussion questions posted in advance so you can prepare your thoughts and answers. When the question is posed, begin your response with A1: for question 1 and A2: for question 2, etc. This makes it easier to follow the conversation throughout the chat. No answer is wrong! We look forward to seeing you at the #BigDataMgmt water cooler hosted by @IBMbigdata.