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HarnessThePowerofBigData-Cover_0.pngHarness the Power of Big Data is a new book by several of the authors of Understanding Big Data, the hugely popular book that debuted in 2011. Big data represents a new era of computing – an inflection point of opportunity where data in any format may be explored and utilized for breakthrough insights - whether that data is in-place, in-motion, or at-rest.

Harness the Power of Big Data will be published in October, but you can get a sneak peek with this full chapter excerpt, "If Data Is the New Oil—You Need Data Exploration and Discovery." This chapter covers many of the key benefits of IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer, which is now a part of the IBM big data portfolio by virtue of the Vivisimo acquisition.

Data Explorer technology enables users to access all of the data that they need in a single integrated view, regardless of its format, how it’s managed, or where it’s stored. Being able to retrieve data from all available repositories in an organization is a key part of doing analysis involving Big Data, especially for exploratory analysis. 

UPDATED - Now you can get the full e-book

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Authors: Paul Zikopoulos, Dirk Deroos, Krishnan Parasuraman, Thomas Deutsch, David Corrigan, James Giles