Have you heard about the next generation architecture for big data and analytics?

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The desire to understand and act on all data for better business outcomes is both a challenge and a tremendous opportunity for enterprises across the globe. Sources and types vary and continue to expand, so it’s easy to see why there needs to be a method to the madness and an architecture that will support the capture, analysis and action on big data throughout the enterprise.

Introducing the next generation architecture for big data and analytics

Enterprises require an architecture that capitalizes on all types of data (including real-time information) and expands analytics to include predictive and new cognitive capabilities, while also being proactive about privacy, security and governance.


You can hear more about this concept in the podcast, “’Zone Architecture’ model explains how big data fits into IT strategy.” In this audio presentation, Rick Clements, director of product marketing for IBM big data, describes the Zone Architecture model and the use cases and types of products typically used in each zone.

In addition, you can explore and engage in an interactive experience that explores each zone, provides product information and shows videos of how clients are operating in each zone. This architecture illustrates the types of big data enterprises are seeking to analyze and act upon in the context of an enterprise IT architecture.

Take a look and see for yourself how IBM views the next-generation architecture for big data and analytics—you can start where you are, build on what you have and scale at your own pace with IBM Big Data & Analytics.