Healthcare 2013 – Don’t Leave Home Without Your Umbrella

RHIA,Global Healthcare Industry Ambassador, IBM Information Management

The 2013 forecast for United States healthcare is stormy. While the headlines are highlighting a slower increase, 3.9%, in the cost of healthcare spending for the third consecutive year, healthcare continues to consume 17.9% of the GDP; data breaches are already making headlines; and, the industry is coming to terms with requirements for accountable care where quality outcomes will be the means test for payment.

umbrella.jpgWhile we weather the storms of change, let’s remain mindful of the importance of healthcare transformation and its goal of achieving outcomes that matter, lowering cost and increasing coverage for more citizens. No rain, no grain – you might say.

Organizations that have begun to prepare will see sunny days ahead. They are already taking an analytic approach to defining and addressing these challenges and are acknowledging the need to create a truly patient-centric healthcare delivery system.

All healthcare organizations are facing the need to become data-driven (big data, clinical or operational analytics) and attentive to the rise of consumerism. Now, this does not require an overhaul, but rather it takes an incremental approach to create a plan and foster a culture that embraces analytics and consumerism in healthcare transformation.

You can read more about these important threads and why healthcare organizations must become data-driven in a column I recently wrote with Michele O’Connor, Weathering the Winds of Change, Prediction: Healthcare 2013, in NHIN Watch. Happy new year, and hang on to that umbrella!

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