HealthToon: Improving customer service through automated financial reporting

Social Media Execution Strategist, IBM

athenahealth had a problem I suspect many companies face. Its financial reporting took days to generate and its executives needed instant insights. Last month’s HealthToon focused on helping enhance patient care and cut readmission rates. This month's HealthToon highlights the use of an IBM Analytics Healthcare solution to put data and analytics in everyone's hands and allow analysts to concentrate on improving customer care and the customer experience.

The story

athenahealth (@athenahealth) is a cloud-based services provider based in Watertown, Massachusetts, serving more than 64,000 health providers in its athenanet network. Being a leading providers of support services for healthcare providers, athenahealth realizes the importance of the role it has shaping the future of the entire healthcare sector. After a number of acquisitions and growth, the company began to look for a more flexible solution for its increasing analytics needs. It turned to IBM Analytics, which helped it craft a solution based on IBM Cognos.

The takeaway

This solution allowed financial data that used to take a day to retrieve to be available in 10 to 15 minutes. The time saved from shortening this manual, time-consuming process gives athenahealth more time to focus on what really matters: improving the customer experience.

Eric Molin, senior manager of Finance, Planning and Analysis at athenahealth, concludes that "with greater insight into our finances and operations, we can identify areas for improvement and take action to enhance our services in ways that really make a difference to our customers.”

Not only is time to insight reduced, it is actually more freely accessible. C-level executives are now able to go into the systems and easily generate this information themselves without having to request it from someone else.

Does your organization need help speeding up reporting and insights? Read the full case study and find more client stories and use cases on our newly created IBM Analytics Healthcare solutions page. Share your thoughts in a comment or tweet to #IBMHealthToon—and stay tuned for an upcoming illustration that just might apply to your own organization.

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