HealthToon: Natural disaster response times shrink with analytics

First responders benefit from real-time information to save more lives

Social Media Execution Strategist, IBM

International Medical Corps (IMC) needed to understand crisis situations as they were developing to respond with the necessary resources. December 2015’s HealthToon focused on the use of big data to enhance care for patient populations. This month's HealthToon highlights the use of advanced analytics to shrink response times and save lives during natural disasters.

The story

IMC (@IMC_Worldwide) is an emergency relief organization that has helped millions of people in over 70 countries since 1984. Victims worldwide from natural disasters including winter storms, earthquakes and typhoons benefit from their aid. They provides assistance within hours of a crisis, regardless of the conditions. The organization wanted to provide even faster care to victims of disaster but found it difficult to allocate resources efficiently. IMC turned to IBM Analytics to help combine multiple reporting systems into one centralized solution.

The takeaway

Now, victims of disaster can get relief even faster. First responders are empowered with real-time information that allows for rapid decision making. In addition, advanced analytics can shorten disaster response times and improve care outcomes.

IMC’s motto is “first there no matter where” and they are staying true to this. “If a disaster happens, our users have that information right away,” says Ali Arshad, manager of data analytics at IMC. “This is something very important because then we can make decisions, key decisions immediately, because time is something that is very important for us.”

The advantage

Does your organization need help using advanced analytics to shrink response times and save more lives? Use advanced analytics to improve response times, and find more stories and use cases on our new IBM Analytics Emergency Management page. Plus, share your thoughts in a comment or tweet to #IBMHealthToon, and stay tuned for an upcoming illustration that may just apply to your own organization. In addition, check out the video version of this case study: International Medical Corps uses advanced analytics to shrink response times and save lives.