HealthToon: Taking down chronic diseases with advanced analytics

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We're kicking off a series of cartoons illustrating issues around healthcare and analytics. Our first cartoon brings attention to the problem of healthcare providers who are under pressure to reduce readmissions for patients with chronic health conditions. In addition, limited resources and budgets make it vital to understand which patients require the most attention.

The story

PinnacleHealth’s (@Pinnacle_Health) mission is to improve the health and quality of life for the people of central Pennsylvania, and it has consistently ranked highly in quality and patient experience across a wide range of medical conditions and procedures. To retain its reputation for excellence, the organization could not afford to stop innovating. When it saw a chance to improve the long-term outlook for patients with chronic health conditions, it seized the opportunity. In collaboration with Waypoint (@WaypointBI), PinnacleHealth used IBM analytics to build a predictive model that evaluates the risk of readmission for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), enabling effective intervention at the point of care.

By predicting COPD readmissions with 85 percent accuracy, PinnacleHealth enhanced patient outcomes and lowered costs. In the future, other chronic conditions could be assessed with similar models. Infact, they have already seen a 30 percent reduction in readmission rates for COPD patients.

The takeaway

PinnacleHealth System used predictive analytics to improve outcomes for patients suffering from the chronic health condition, CODP.

View the presentation and read the full case study to learn more about how PinnacleHealth System is taking down the giant which is chronic conditions.


What are your thoughts? Does your organization face a health analytics "giant"? Let us know in the comments below or tweet using #IBMHealthToon and come back next month for another illustration that might just apply to your organization.

Tackle chronic conditions and readmission rates

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