HealthToon: Turning big data into better care for patient populations

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Carolinas HealthCare System needed a new, cross-enterprise warehouse that could combine claims and billing data in patient records numbering in the millions collected from disparate sources. Last month’s HealthToon focused on the use of an IBM Analytics Healthcare solution to put data and analytics in everyone's hands and allow analysts to concentrate on improving customer care and the customer experience. This month's cartoon highlights the use of big data to better care for patient populations.

The story

Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) (@Carolinas) is a full-spectrum provider of healthcare and wellness programs in North and South Carolina with a network of more than 900 care locations. CHS began the process of centralizing its data from various data repositories, planning to integrate them all into the IBM Unified Care Data Model. It has also joined other healthcare systems and IBM to launch the Data Alliance Collaborative (DAC). Members of the DAC will co-develop solutions to integrate data and enable health systems to use the same data model and information.

The takeaway

Carolinas HealthCare System is taking steps to centralize its data, collaborate with other organizations and co-develop industry data standards. These actions are designed to speed up insights and improve population health through business intelligence and data analytics.

“As a healthcare system, CHS has found that deriving actionable information from big data/analytics is invaluable in the journey to providing the highest-quality, value-laden healthcare for our patients and the communities we serve,” says Michael Dulin, M.D., chief clinical officer for Analytics and Outcomes Research for Dickson Advanced Analytics Group.

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Turn big data into better care for your patients