Hey stranger! Three ways to connect with consumers through personalized marketing

Social Business Manager, IBM

Maybe it was the time when a certain social media site kept on your trail with ads for high blood pressure monitors. (Hello! You’re only 32!) Or perhaps the time when you realized that your favorite tinted moisturizer was out of stock at your local big-box store. Disappointed, you tweeted the company—to hear only crickets.

These scenarios, and many more like them, make us ask one question again and again: Do retailers just not get me? This question will drive the growth—or be a precursor to the decline—of any retail and consumer products company, depending on whether it chooses to listen or to turn a deaf ear.

Gone are the days of one-note captive commerce. Even before customers reach the register, armed with multiple sources of information—desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile—they are more empowered than they have ever been. However, retail and consumer products companies that make the investment in technology can fuel consumer confidence by offering deals throughout the buying cycle—indeed, just look at how Bluetooth-enabled “beacons” seamlessly blend physical and digital shopping experiences by connecting with customers through their phones. what lessons can companies glean from the new world of marketing? Join industry executives from world-leading brands, along with David Corrigan (Director of Marketing, Analytics Group, Distribution Sector Solutions), at IBM Insight 2015 as they tackle this topic in the panel discussion “Personalization and Omni Channel Brand Experience Is Key for Growth.” Listen as innovators in data analytics weigh in on the state of retail and consumer products merchandising along three fronts:

  • Providing consumer personalization: Never underestimate the power of knowing and catering to people who could become loyal to your brand for life.
  • Understanding product affinities to drive better promotions: A no-brainer.
  • Using third-party data, such as weather data and Twitter communications, to drive deep insights: Businesses need to study external factors to gain a 360-degree understanding of consumer purchases and how they can affect the company’s bottom line.

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