How analytics reduces crime and improves public safety

Senior Marketing Manager, IBM

As violent crime continues to escalate, many public safety agencies are grappling with innovative ways to combat the problem. Weapons, however, are not the only defense for this growing problem. Many organizations are discovering that fighting crime, even before it happens, is possible and that data and analytics are what's really needed in their arsenal. Learn how these leading police departments, Memphis, Miami Dade and Durham, leveraged predictive analytics to keep their streets safer. 

Can software really reduce crime? How?

Memphis Police: We analyzed crime history to predict how to effectively deploy officers

Miami Dade Police: Using statistical analysis we found similarities in crime patterns to help break cold cases

Durham Police: We leveraged analytics to uncover hidden connections and intelligence which drove proactive police action

How do you fight crime with data?

Memphis Police: Using statistical data, we were able to change tactics and redirect patrol resources in a way that thwarts crimes before they happen and catches criminals in the act

Miami Dade Police: We used analytics to find similarities in crime patterns to help break cold cases

Durham Police: Using visual analytics, we unlocked unprecedented insight into criminal activity and networks to help identify and catch suspects

What percent reduction in crime can law enforcement agencies expect from analytics?

Memphis Police: We reduced serious crime by 30 percent, including a 36.8 percent reduction in crime in one targeted area and up to 15 percent reduction in violent crime

Miami Dade Police: We achieved a 73 percent “hit rate” in identifying suspects, significant reductions in the number of cold cases, faster arrests, and a reduction in repeat crimes

Durham Police: We realized a 39 percent decrease in violent crimes and a 46 percent reduction in violent gun crime over seven years 

How is a city's economic growth related to its crime rate?

Memphis Police: We were able to contribute to Memphis's economic growth by providing a safer community for disenchanted citizens as a result of fighting crime head on

Miami Dade Police: Officers correlated the link between safe streets and tourist prosperity

Durham Police: Officers directly impacted the community by improving the safety and quality of life for its citizens


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