How are you harnessing your Internet of Things potential?

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

The Internet of Things and digitization are reshaping the world in many ways. The explosion of connected Internet of Things devices offers a significant opportunity for enterprises to implement engineering and asset and facilities management solutions to great advantage.

IBM offers a strategy and set of solutions designed to propel assets, products and facilities into the cognitive Internet of Things era through powerful Internet of Things solutions enhanced by analytics. Maybe you have yet to start your Internet of Things journey. Or maybe you are already an IBM customer using continuous engineering, asset or facilities management capabilities or an Internet of Things platform. Regardless, IBM IoT solutions are designed to help you optimize operations, transform customer experience and innovate like never before.

Continuous engineering that revolutionizes product development

Anyone developing products for the Internet of Things understands the value of building products right the first time. Whether building connected vehicles or devices, a bug in the software can threaten the lifecycle of innovative projects. When safety is a factor, even simple devices and systems require careful engineering to help reduce the risk of compromising that safety.

Many organizations realize that robust software and systems engineering are essential to a successful Internet of Things initiative. Continuous engineering, combined with cognitive Internet of Things solutions, can help product development benefit from all the knowledge available from Internet of Things devices, to gain enhanced insight and truly drive differentiation and innovation. Three keys aspects are worth considering when engineering for the Internet of Things:

  • Innovate rapidly with a complete feedback loop, from operations to engineering
  • Design with analytics in mind
  • Gain real-time insight into product use and customer sentiment to design products that truly satisfy market needs

A thoughtful engineering approach can help accelerate Internet of Things initiatives, helping you deliver fast, safe and reliable systems.

Maximized assets for rising opportunities

Physical assets are critical to the success of businesses in many industries. Automation and management of asset-intensive enterprises are accelerating and being rapidly transformed by the rise of the Internet of Things. By harnessing the information from connected assets with real-time condition monitoring and historical data analysis, significant business and maintenance processes improvements can be achieved.

Asset management solutions for the Internet of Things are designed to help businesses reduce unplanned downtime, decrease failures, improve safety. Enhancing asset reliability and reducing downtime can create the following opportunities: 

  • The ability to catch and resolve problems before they become catastrophic
  • Enhanced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) by providing specific job plans based on an accurate view of asset health
  • Labor cost reduction by eliminating unneeded PMs and manual meter readings.
  • Cost savings by way of longer maintenance intervals when planned maintenance is reduced and maintenance is performed only when needed

Intelligent buildings for increased efficiency

How drastically can you cut your building operations costs, including energy costs, with highly intelligent and connected capabilities? Facilities management solutions are designed to help optimize space utilization and minimize energy costs when using an integrated workplace management solution.. Real-time data and analytics means building owners and facility managers have a better way to manage facilities, improve customer experience and adapt to occupants.

Real estate is often the second largest expense on the income statement for many companies, and in many organizations the real estate portfolio is the third most valuable or costly single asset. Consider these metrics:

As you can see, implementing Internet of Things solutions for connected buildings can be cost-efficient and a competitive advantage for many enterprises. And the great thing about the Internet of Things is that it provides so many entry points. No matter where you are on your journey, what industry you’re in or if you’re a startup or large enterprise, chances are you can quickly start deriving value from Internet of Things.

IBM has worked with thousands of clients and partners on delivering value through the Internet of Things. Whether you’re just thinking through how the Internet of Things can help you, or you’re already using IBM Internet of Things solutions, we want to help you leverage the Internet of Things to further transform how you do business.

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