How to boost telecommunications customer satisfaction

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Many of us are tethered to our smartphones, relying on them for hundreds of tasks every single day that result is millions of mobile transactions sent and received daily. Telecommunications companies have access to this customer activity data that can provide in-depth insight into how customers tick. Can the providers analyze these continuous streams of data in real time and act on the insights? Many mobile service providers face this challenge.

Idea Cellular Ltd. found a way to conquer this challenge by combining a suite of analytics solutions to process data, segment customers and turn manual processes into more efficient automated systems. As a result, the provider achieved a 10 percent increase in revenue, an 80 percent reduction in manual activities and the ability to receive customer segment data daily—up from four days per month.

Going from manual to automatic

Idea Cellular is one of the largest mobile services operations in India with more than 160 million subscribers and a network of more than 97,000 cell sites in 22 service areas. Because the telecommunications market in India is hypercompetitive, Idea Cellular needed to find a way to replace its manual campaign management processes with one that was fully automated and occurring in real time.

Its goal was to improve customer service by creating and executing dynamic marketing campaigns that retain customers while providing cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that increase interest in the company’s offerings. The ideal solution would improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue at the same time.

Finding the smarter solution

By using IBM information management and analytics solutions, Idea Cellular turned an expensive and time-restrictive manual campaign management process into a fully automated one. The company created a process for segmenting customers in real time, developed the ability to launch new campaigns on a daily basis and built a scalable system that could meet a variety of business needs.

Learn more about how Idea Cellular used analytics to retain customers, and explore IBM Analytics for Telecommunications for comprehensive solutions to significant challenges in the telecommunications industry.

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