How can big data and analytics help your business?

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A recent Forbes article provides insight on how big data analytics is seen as critical for competitive growth across different industry sectors. Big data analytics is now such a differentiator that it’s quickly becoming a top corporate priority.

What is analytics and how can it change my business?

Wikipedia defines analytics as “the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data,” but here's the rub: the discovery of meaningful patterns in data and subsequent communication of said information is different for everyone and every business.

BDhelp_blog1.jpgAs BI Research shares in their recent report, when choosing a system for handling big data and extreme processing, you must consider the volume of data, the variety of data and the complexity and agility requirements of the analytical workloads. You also must consider your business needs and challenges.

To determine how analytics can help your business, you need start by asking yourself some questions.

  • What sources of data are available?
  • Have these data sources ever been brought together before?
  • What could be discovered by bringing these data sources together?

These questions are sometimes easier answered by parties that are not directly intimate with the data. IBM Systems Lab Services and Training specializes in big data technologies using InfoSphere Streams and Hadoop technologies (both separately and together) to find the meaning hiding within data for our clients. From digital signal processing applications that provide physical security of critical infrastructure, to applications that provide consumer rewards in real time, to applications that make tracking and predicting the flow of icebergs possible, IBM Systems Lab Services and Training helps clients address big data challenges and introduce smart analytics into infrastructure.

Where and how to start?

A simple discussion of your business needs and pain points is a great place to begin. Could your company benefit from collecting or combining new data sets, conducting operations analysis, identifying anomalies or monitoring infrastructure? Connect with us to discuss your workloads and get a glimpse of what big data analytics can do for your business.

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