How do real-time analytics power your day?

Manager of Portfolio Strategy, IBM

You have a lot happening in your day: a morning doctor’s appointment, a quick call into the help desk to resolve your laptop issue, an important strategy planning meeting at work, a trip to the grocery store to pick up some dinner and homework time with the kids. Ever stop and think “how do real-time analytics power my day?”

Since InfoSphere Streams was first delivered to market, the uptake in streaming analytics as grown tremendously. In fact, Forrester Research reports a 66 percent increase in firms’ use of streaming analytics in the past two years. Businesses are using streaming analytics to:

  • Visualize in real time
  • Detect urgent situations
  • Automate immediate actions

So how does this help you get through your day?

Let’s start with the doctor’s appointment

Healthcare providers around the world are using InfoSphere Streams to: 

  • Datagram_v18-081414.jpgFuse different data sources in real time. Medical devices provide visual displays of vital signs through physiological streams such as electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiratory rate. Electronic health record initiatives around the world create more sources of medical data. Life-threatening conditions such as nosocomial infection, pneumothorax, intraventricular hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia can be detected using analytics that fuse different data sources.
  • Deliver highly personalized care: Detect signs earlier to improve patient outcomes and reduce length of stays. Automated or clinician-driven knowledge discovery identifies new relationships between data-stream events and latent medical conditions.
  • Proactive treatment: Build a profile for each patient based on personalized data streams and receive insights in real time.

As a result, healthcare providers are able to anticipate disease onset and deliver real-time patient data to make life changing decisions. Some innovators in this area include:

  • Hospital for Sick Children: Created first of a kind technology to help doctors care for premature babies
  • UCLA: Tackled brain trauma to build proactive treatments during critical periods
  • Emory University Hospital: Created ICU of the future by analyzing over 100,000 real-time data points per second to sense early warning signs of medical complications

Now let’s explore your call into the help desk

InfoSphere Streams is able to parse and make sense out of voice data with a single utterance. IBM Business Partners such as Vocitec are building platforms based on InfoSphere Streams. A large vocabulary for continuous speech recognition is designed for small to large enterprises that seek to convert large volumes of speech-to-text. The high performance computing platform allows speech and other data from thousands of real-time sources to be rapidly ingested, analyzed and correlated to create actionable intelligence.

Now you can have a much improved call center experience. The client services representative will be equipped with better data about you, wait time estimates will be spot on, your problems will be automatically compared to other callers and those prank callers filling the queue will be removed.

InfoSphere Streams is used to help make better business decisions

In your strategic meeting, how valuable is it to understand public sentiment on social media before launching a new product? What about getting up-to-the-minute analytics on sensor data you have deployed in your manufacturing plan? Or real-time alerts on data privacy and security concerns?

Did you also know that InfoSphere Streams powers IBM SmartCloud Analytics offering? This solution is designed to help you optimize capability and performance of all systems from data centers to manufacturing facilities. IBM Burlington uses InfoSphere Streams to optimize semiconductor manufacturing.

After work, it's time to go grocery shopping for dinner

Your mobile device generates a stream of data, including time and geospatial location, that can be used to send you the right dinner offer when you need it, for example, on your way home from work. Powerful analytics integrated with business rules and models, enable your neighborhood grocer to identify which offers are specifically applicable to you. For example, the grocer could offer you a 25 percent discount on a chicken dinner and the trimmings such as wine, and even a movie.

Did you know that InfoSphere Streams powers IBM Opportunity Detection to real-time campaigns like this one?

What about helping your child with spelling words and the science test?

Well, that is actually one are where you might be on your own, which we consider to be a good thing. The foundations of learning laid with hands-on care is priceless—not to mention the quality time with your child. Perhaps your efforts here will develop a future leader in big data and analytics!

Below are examples of how streaming analytics is integrated in the world around us by industry:

Industry Use Cases.png

Keep your eyes peeled and you might be surprised where you spot Streams!

Other helpful resources:

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