How ECM is powering energy and utilities

Portfolio Marketing Leader, WorldWide, IBM

Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from my utility provider alerting me to abnormally high utility use over the past several months. The letter instructed me to check for utility leaks and also described possible causes of such leakage.

When I finished reading that letter, I read it again to be sure I understood. How had I missed such exorbitantly high usage for so long? But my utility provider was right on the money; when I checked for myself I saw that I had indeed been paying more by the month than I had previously. Caught up in my busy schedule, I hadn’t noticed—but my utility provider had. By following my provider’s advice, I discovered the issue within an hour and a simple corrective action saved me from paying six times more for my utilities than my neighbors were currently paying.

My utility provider also shared with me an analysis of my customer data that pinpointed when the leak had begun and provided me with additional information on my normal utility use, giving me a new degree of insight. No magic this—for data is always telling us about much more than meets the eye.

When you harness the flood of data to create value for your customers, you can win their hearts—as my utility provider won mine. But how to begin? Start by embracing analytics-driven services designed to help your clients save money and time (while keeping warm!).

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