How a global cosmetics company created a solid data foundation

Executive Architect, IBM

How does a global cosmetics company lay the foundation for beauty—not only for today, but for years to come? Many companies specialize in providing beauty products to the public. But one company in particular wanted to make sure it not only provided the surface layer of beauty, but also lay the foundation to keep that beauty in place for many years. That pursuit may sound glamorous, but how did this cosmetics company get there?

The organization needed a 360-degree view of all product information and a common language across its complex and diverse business environment. The product information management software it used did not have the prettiest user interface, but it had the solid foundation and processes needed to manage product information. The company created the user interface needed for its specific processes. The organization knew that the capability to manage multiple hierarchies and categories was the key to being able to service its business processes. The organization realized that an integrated workflow was important when introducing a new product or product feature into the consumer marketplace. a makeover

IBM delivered a makeover with IBM Product Master (formerly IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition) approach that satisfied the cosmetics company’s needs for expertise and flexibility. The organization used IBM Product Master to capitalize on its solid foundation and processes for providing a highly accurate, trusted view of its product information.

IBM has become very focused on the design experience using IBM Design Thinking and providing new user interfaces based on the roles of the person using the product. That design experience includes an understanding of the data to be consumed or created and how to present that data in a useful, usable and desirable fashion. The beauty of the solid foundation and processes needs to be exposed, and a new user interface can be implemented using end-to-end design experience principles.

Laying a foundation for cognitive computing

The foundation for any successful cognitive capability is having a trusted information layer to provide high-quality data that can enhance the decision-making process. IBM takes a leading role in the cognitive computing space, and IBM Product Master offers a well-suited platform for providing trusted data to the cognitive commerce applications, regulatory processes and marketing capabilities.

Providing product data everywhere

Today’s business requires product information to be available everywhere it is needed. In addition, IBM also offers current on-premises product capabilities in a public cloud environment. This offering enables businesses that have a stated goal of moving to the cloud to have the same capabilities that provide great value to existing customers using on-premises solutions.

Consumers want access to all your product information at any time and in any manner, they want it. They want recommendations, information and consistency in the information they receive from that business. IBM has the solid foundation and capabilities to deliver that trusted product data.

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