How the IBM and Lightbend collaboration will light up the cognitive enterprise

General Manager, IBM Data and AI, IBM
General Manager, IBM Hybrid Cloud, IBM

One of the hallmarks of the cognitive era of business is that companies can can be positioned to unlock insights from unprecedented volumes of data. Advancements in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) might hold the most significant opportunity where companies can win with data-driven insights.

That’s why IBM just announced a collaborative development initiative that it will invest in and collaborate with Lightbend to help advance the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive solutions in the enterprise on an integrated platform for cognitive business development. The two companies will work together to build new cognitive and AI solutions for the enterprise.

The IBM and Lightbend collaboration will give developers new options to build cognitive and AI technologies to help manage increasingly large and complex pools of data. Together, we’re delivering a complete toolchain for developers to more easily build and deploy AI and cognitive applications in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Our work together is an extension of the IBM commitment to Java and Scala developers. Scala in particular is critical in cognitive and AI contexts. Scala was built to handle complex data environments, including streaming data and massive scale. We’d argue that the future of cognitive development is largely written in Scala.

So what could developers get out of this collaboration? Together IBM and Lightbend are collaborating to create new code, tools and documentation that will be designed to help developers build Java- and Scala-based applications on the Lightbend Reactive Platform. Developers working within Lightbend Reactive Platform will have access to more than 150 services available through IBM Cloud, including WebSphere, the Watson Data Platform, security, DevOps, blockchain and more. 

Furthermore, the Lightbend Reactive Platform is anticipated to be available in coming weeks through IBM Cloud as an integrated solution bundled solution with WebSphere Application Server.

For a deeper dive into details on the IBM and Lightbend announcement, take a look at the news release.