How to improve customer satisfaction by 50 percent with proactive customer service

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

Think about the last time you thought about dropping your communications service provider (CSP) and acted on it? CSPs typically provide landline telephone; home or office broadband; mobile; and satellite, cable and IP television services. If you did cancel with your provider, what was the reason?

For many consumers and organizations, the number one reason for dropping these services is a problem with service quality that translates into a poor customer experience. That experience may include network problems, dropped calls, slow data upload and download speeds, service interruption, poor reception and buffering while streaming media. In fact, detractors—customers who are vocal about poor service—are four times more likely to engage in churn than the general population. What can a CSP do to minimize customer churn or turnover because of service problems and increase customer satisfaction?

Taking action

Cablevisión Argentina approached this problem by focusing on the segment of subscribers with the highest level of dissatisfaction—customers who are most likely to bring churn because of technical service problems. The organization analyzed network event data for these subscribers using IBM SPSS Modeler, which is part of IBM Proactive Care for Communication Service Providers, and identified proactive customer care actions it could take to address their issues.

In just 15 days, Cablevisión was able to improve customer satisfaction for 70 percent of customers in this segment. It also realized 50 percent overall improvement in customer satisfaction for their 1.8 million broadband subscribers, which resulted in reduced churn and enhanced loyalty.

Learning from experience

Are you interested in transforming your customer service team into a proactive care organization that can reduce churn and improve allegiance? To benchmark your organization’s performance against the best customer service teams in the telecommunications industry, take the Analytics Assessment for Telecommunications. Find out more about IBM solutions for telecommunications, and learn more about Cablevisión Argentina's story by taking a look at the video testimonial from Andrés Romeo, analytics manager at Cablevisión Argentina.