How the Internet of Things is providing insights and boosting uptime

Social Strategist for the Internet of Things, IBM

It’s funny—the more I talk to clients, the more the story stays the same! In my previous “Knocking it out of the park” blog post, we heard from clients and partners at the April 9 “From hype to insight” Signature Moment event for the launch of IBM’s Internet of Things solutions and partnerships. And their number-one emphasis was on insight! Today we hear from seven companies, all of which consistently tell us that analytics and Internet of Things solutions from IBM are not only providing them with insights, but also offering them the ability to predict things in their maintenance plans that can help them avoid downtime.

Let’s take a look at the diverse set of industries that we will include today. We have three clients in energy and utilities (Fingrid, Yarra Valley Water, DTE Energy), one in construction (Consolidated Contractors Company), one in trucking (Scania), one in manufacturing (Swedish Match) and one in agriculture (GrowSafe Systems, Ltd.). Yet all these industries have something in common—the need for uptime to optimize profitability. No matter whether you’re ensuring that utility plants are delivering uninterrupted service to citizens or ensuring on-time delivery of construction projects, and no matter whether you’re keeping all the trucks in your fleet running, all the machines on your manufacturing floor running or all your cattle walking on all fours, uptime drives profitability.

From adding sensors and deeper analytics that will integrate with existing asset management solutions to using a messaging tool that helps keep trucks connected, all these actions are laying the foundation for the Internet of Things and a future that will continue to drive a competitive edge in the market. But don’t just take my word for it! Let me pass the microphone over as I ask one question: “How are analytics and the Internet of Things helping your company?”

In response, some companies say that analytics and the Internet of Things are helping them

  • “Predict the future.” — Marcus Stenstrand, Grid Manager at Fingrid
  • “Evolve our industrial revolution another step.” — Michael Ohman, Service Manager for the Integration and Mobility Platform at Scania
  • “Connect the machines ... to do predictive maintenance.” — Mattias Fritz Wermé, Business Engagement Liaison, Scandinavian division, Swedish Match
  • “Imagine everything possible.” — Alison Sunstrum, CEO at GrowSafe Systems, Ltd.

Others say that analytics and the Internet of Things give them

  • “Insights into our assets using the data that we already have.” — John Pennefather, Manager of Field Systems, Yarra Valley Water
  • “Full control...[allowing us to] know what’s going on.” — Ed Nickolite, IT Manager, DTE Energy

And one company simply said:

  • “[We] need our equipment to be connected.” — Khaled Al-Shami, EAM Solutions Manager at Consolidated Contractors Company

For a more in-depth view, take a look at the infographic Temperatures are rising with insights from the Internet of Things.

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