How to Leverage Insurance Producer and Customer Data

Worldwide Industry Marketing Manager for Insurance, IBM

Insurance companies are working to define solutions that support integration across a number of sources to provide a “360-degree view” of producers and policyholders. This single view brings together information about the policy, claims, billing, interaction, risk profiles, agent and agency alignment, households and many other attributes.

Recently, two of my colleagues described how to develop and deliver this type of integrated, 360-degree view in what proved to be a popular webinar.

They discussed how to:

  • Deliver near-term value to the business by exposing an initial 360 view across structured and unstructured information
  • Augment existing systems and processes to integrate more data than ever before
  • Use big data to create flexible service and performance measurement strategies
  • Enhance the time to value and time to market of master data management (MDM) implementations

You can watch the recorded webinar to learn why putting big data analytics in front of –  or alongside –  your existing or evolving efforts can help to develop enhanced views and insights more effectively than ever before, using an iterative and interactive approach.

For more information about using big data and analytics in insurance: